How to Save Money While Traveling

This post has been updated and republished since it’s original debut in August 2017. I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Since May I’ve gone to New York twice, Seattle once, I leave for Omaha on Friday and the week after I get back from Omaha I’m heading to Buenos Aires so I’m all about finding new ways I can save money while traveling. Full disclosure: New York and Omaha are business trips, so my major expenses (flight + boarding) are covered, but other expenses add up if you’re not careful! I love to travel, but my wallet isn’t nearly as fond… View Post

Building a Wardrobe: Starting With the Basics

I’ve been talking a lot about sustainability lately, and I’ve noticed in my life that I create the most waste through fashion. I’m guilty of shopping out of boredom, and as a blogger I feel like I always need to have shiny new outfits to show off. Trying to balance my interest in fashion with my need to feel like I’m saving the world has been weighing heavy on me, and I recently wrote guidelines for myself on how to shop more sustainably. (I’ll share those further down in the post!) I also did a full wardrobe audit when I moved… View Post

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Through the Generations

Halloween is around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re awesome at procrastinating. Case in point: I got the idea for this post in July, probably, and didn’t do any real work until almost October. But, with that said: these costumes are super quick to pull together and made up entirely of pieces that I either already owned or was able to pick up at Goodwill, so it’s super thrifty, too. I pulled together Halloween costumes inspired by the twenties, late forties, sixties, and seventies and though I could give you a quick walk-through on my process. 20’s Inspired Look… View Post

Holiday Picks under $100 with Sequin Jewelry

Anyone who follows me over on Instagram knows that I love Sequin Jewelry. I wear their Gemini Constellation Necklace nearly everyday and it can be seen in more of my Instagram posts than not. So when Sequin wanted to team up for a last minute holiday gift guide, you know I was all, “Heck yeah!” After all, it’s not everyday that your favorite jewelry company comes knocking. Sequin has so many beautiful styles that range in price from $38 bangle bracelets to $498 choker necklaces. A common theme on my blog lately has been sustainability in fashion, so it’s important to me… View Post

Shifting from Blogger to Creator: My Plans for 2018

It’s no secret that I love what I do as a blogger. It’s not an exaggeration to say that blogging changed my life and opened seemingly impossible doors for me, and it’s something I see myself doing for as long as I live. What I’ve realized, though, is that even more than blogging, what I love to do is creating. My blog has given me the platform to do so, and the confidence to put my work out into the world. Blogging will always have a special place in my heart, but in 2018 I have my sights set on some… View Post