The ULTIMATE guide to passing your finals.

As much as I’d like to ignore the fact that this coming week marks the beginning of finals, it’s sort of a big (stressful) deal. If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that this semester has definitely gotten me down, but with the help of some amazing guides my blogger buds have written, I’ve been managing to keep my head above water when it comes to juggling my work load and making decent grades.

Last year I made a huge college study guide and it did really well, so I thought I would come out with a 2.0 version! I rounded up some of the best posts I could find on studying and stress relief that you can all use to help you get prepare for the inevitable.

The (ULTIMATE) guide to finals.

How to Get Your Best Grades in College: So it’s already been pretty well established here that Sara is a college hacks genius, and this guide definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s detailed, organized, and super straight forward.

How to Study Like a ProHere Taylor lays out all of the study tips you know that you should be using (but don’t) and let’s you know exactly how they are going to help you. This one is breaking down the basics and it’s a life saver.

10 Study Tips for College Students: I’m all about lists of study tips. Not every tip will work for every person, but this one provides different options so you can test and choose what study hack is going to work best for you.

How to Write a Better Thesis: I know a lot of majors have essay finals, and if you’re not a confident writer, they are the worst. My fab friend (and roommate) is a great writer and from time to time she imparts some of her knowledge on us mere mortals. Whether you have essay finals or not, you’re going to want to read this one.

The BEST Time Management Tips: If you’re going to be studying for four exams (thanks, finals week) you’re going to need to be on top of time management. Follow these tips to get you on the right track.

7 Ways to Study Better: These tips are game changers (especially number five!) and I can promise you that if you follow these tips you will be a better student.

College Study Tips: You should be using this guide all semester – some of the tips are major life savers! My favorite tips is get some rest. You should never be sacrificing your mental or physical well-being over a class, rest does the body good and your health is more important than a grade!

Take Better Notes: So it might be too late to implement this post for finals, but definitely check it out so you can start the new semester off on the right foot! Taking notes in college is truly an art, and Haley nails it with this post!

How to Ace Your Midterms: Ok, so for the purpose of today we are changing this to how to ace your finals, because the tips still totally apply.

Tips and Tricks to Staying Motivated: Motivation is one of the hardest parts of studying. Getting started is all it takes and then you’ve made it past the biggest hurdle!

Study Mistakes You’re Making: Nobody’s perfect and I think that rings doubly true when it comes to studying. There is a lot that goes into being an effective study-er and just working on fixing one or two of your biggest study mistakes can really make a huge difference! (Though I would argue with one point in the post – so long as you join study groups with the right people – they’re the best!)

How to Keep your Desk Organized: This isn’t exactly studying related, but an organized desk is the foundation to successful studying. I can’t focus if there is chaos around me, and I won’t even go in my room for more than a few minutes if it’s a mess, much less study there!

A few things to keep in mind:

Finals are the worst, they leave you stressed, anxious, and often times unhappy. But they aren’t the end of the world. Your finals don’t define you as a person in any way, shape, or form. The things that define you are so much bigger than the score you get on an exam: They are your passions, your drive, and your dreams. If you work hard and you’re dedicated you are going to get to where you want to be.

Take things one day at a time and don’t sacrifice your well being over your exams. If you’re feeling distressed or just overly stressed check out your school’s counseling or health center – they’ll have plenty of options for you! Plus, a lot of schools offer fun de-stresssers. At Illinois they bring in service dogs you can pet during a study break!

Good luck on finals, you are a superstar no matter what.