How to Succeed in College.

I’ve talked here before about what a wonderful community there is in blogging – I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to such incredible people and I really couldn’t be luckier. Bloggers are some of the most driven, passionate people I know, and that it was why it was no surprise when I found out the lovely Sara had poured her heart into writing an eBook that is going to blow your socks off.

There are a lot of sub-communities within the blogosphere, and my one of my favorites is the community of college bloggers. We are definitely the small fish in the blogging pond, but we are mighty. The fierce support and the encouragement – inside and outside of blogging – is what makes the group so unique and special. Sara is an authority on academic success (she got all A’s at Oxford!) and she took that knowledge and spent months perfecting her book so you all could benefit from it.

While I have such mixed feelings on back to school, reading her book actually has me a little pumped to go tackle my classes. While I can’t spill everything in the book (you’re going to have to go read it yourself!) I do want to share with you what I gained most from reading it.



Like I already mentioned – I’m pumped. I’m ready and I have a new found drive to tackle the semester I’ve been dreading most. All summer I’ve been soaking my freedom in knowing that I’m about to enter the hardest semester that I’ll ever have but now I feel up for the challenge. There is an entire chapter on motivation and I am definitely going to be putting the long-term motivation tactics to work this semester.


OK, don’t even get me started on this. Not only did Sara introduce me to my new favorite scheduling app ever (I won’t divulge what it is – but I’ll add a picture of my schedule!) but she also introduced me to an awesome new planner company I’d never heard of!

Holla for no Friday Classes!


At the end of each chapter there is a very concise list of things that you should be taking away from what you had just read. Honestly, I don’t think that there is anything that she missed regarding academic success in college, and the takeaways prove it. Sara is a superstar and I definitely gained a lot that I hadn’t even considered before reading her book.


Sara has a ton of great strategies for academic success in her book, and I’m thrilled! She breaks down a note system, includes tips for reading, and even outlines what you should be doing to get the most out of class time.

The reading portion is going to benefit me the most, because I have the tendency to zone out when I’m reading and stop processing. I hope that by applying the tips provided I’ll be able to get past that and get the most out of my textbooks!


Like myself, Sara is a big scheduler. While I fancy myself to be pretty organized when it comes to school – Sara has some awesome suggestions like very specific study schedules and a few tricks to keep your planner super organized. I can’t wait to be even more compulsive about my scheduling by combining Sara’s ideas with my own.!

My favorite chapter…

Chapter ten, the final chapter, was definitely my favorite. It is all about balance and self-care. Something that I think a lot of super focused students tend to neglect. I know I’m guilty of working myself to sickness, skipping sleep, and not taking care of myself when I need to. I am so determined to treat myself better this year, and not treat one bad exam like the end of the world.

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you are important and deserve to be taken care of, and I’m so grateful that Sara added that into this chapter.

You all know I don’t promote something that I don’t support – so believe me when I say that this is the best resource I’ve found all in one place for achieving academic success. You can buy the book here – and I highly recommend you do!