Sunday Steals & Deals: Hats

I am back again this week with the second installment of Sunday Steals and Deals, where I hunt for the best deals on popular items! Last week I found a ton of dresses for under $50, and this week I found 9 summer hats! I have always been a hat person – newsboy caps, fedoras, floppy sunhats – you name it and I’ve probably worn it.

While I love cozy wool hats that the winter brings, summer hats are my favorite! I love how you can throw a hat on over bedhead and you instantly look breezy and beachy. Plus in the summer I tend to spend a ton of time outdoors, so wearing a hat is a must in order to protect my skin!

Check out some of the best deals on trendy summer hats!

I kept with the same price range as last week, keeping all of the hats under $50. While that might seem a bit pricey for a hat, that is the absolute maximum, there are some listed that are far cheaper! I was originally going to only list hats under $25, but then I found some that were just too cute not to share! So if you’re a hat person like me, I think you’re really going to like the hats I picked out this week – I’m crazy about them!

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Which hat is your favorite? I am pretty partial to the baseball cap, although I really love the wide brimmed felt ones! And what would you like to see featured on next week’s installment of Sunday Steals and Deals? Let me know in the comments!