My Next Adventure: I’m on YouTube!

I’m not going to bore you with gushing on and on about how much I love blogging, because I feel like I do that every other post. What I will bore you with is gushing on about how much I love you. Yes you! You lovely folk reading my blog make me so incredibly happy. Whether it’s checking my demographic map to see where the people reading my blog today are from, or engaging with you in the comments, it’s one of the things that makes me happiest. (And no I’m not just saying that, you guys are the best!)

But,  I got to thinking, how much do you all really know me? Can you really know me by what I type. Well, I hope so, but I’m not quite sure. The thought had been bugging me for quite some time, and I decided to do something about it. And if you’re wondering what I did: I made a YouTube channel. Yes, I briefly talked about this when I celebrated my one year blogging back at the end of January, but now I have content up and I am really excited about this whole ‘vlogging’  thing.

I have been posting on Wednesdays and Sundays (or at least trying to, I’ve been a day late, once or twice) and I am actually getting a pretty positive result! It is very encouraging and very exciting to get positive feedback, and I am planning some cool videos to be coming very soon.

I know usually I am here trying my best to give you advice, but now, if it’s not too much to ask, I would love some advice from you guys. I know the videos that I am excited to make, but what kinds of videos would you be excited to see? I want to create content for both myself, and for the lovely folk that make it all worth while, so I want to make sure I am giving you what you want!

If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve done so far, I’ll share a highlight reel here!

The Boyfriend Tag

My Lazy Morning Routine

12 Facts About Me

And there is more where that comes from! If you like what I’ve posted you can subscribe to me on YouTube to keep up, and then you will get my content straight to your subscriptions (and I would be the happiest girl in the world!)

Have you guys ever tried posting videos on YouTube? Do you still? Give me your link, I want to check you out!