Why you should start a blog.

Ok, I get a lot of emails from bloggers and people considering bloggers. The latter group’s emails always tend to go a little something like this:

“Hi Morgan! I was thinking about starting a blog but….”

The only thing that is different is their ‘but.’

  • But I don’t have time.
  • But I don’t know what I would write about.
  • But I don’t know anything about coding or website design
  • But I’m afraid people I know in real life will find out.

Well, I’m here to calm those fears. Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I try and make everyone who shows even a remote interest in blogging start one of their own.

I’m about to get a bit mushy here, but blogging is most definitely the best thing that I have done with my life yet. It has given me an obnoxious amount of confidence that I didn’t have before, and it has afforded me incredible opportunities (like walking in a fashion show in Chicago & travelling to NYC this summer!), and I have made some really great friends.

While blogging isn’t for everyone, if you’ve ever wondered if you could or should blog, chances are that blogging would be for you.

In case you’re doubting me, I thought I would put some of the more common worries that aspiring bloggers have to rest.

“I don’t have time to blog.”

This is the biggest hurdle, so this is the one I am going to address first. Ok, there are some people who actually don’t have time to blog. If you can honestly say that you’re one of them then I haven’t figured out a loophole for you (yet!), but for those of you who are busy and life feels overwhelming and you feel like you can’t possibly squeeze yet another responsibility into your life, hear me out:

Being a good blogger is time consuming. You have to create content, take pictures, and work social media. But if you like blogging you will prioritize it. See, here’s the thing. If you fall into that “I’m too busy to blog” category, yet you’re reading this – you could be using this time to blog.

My downtime is when I get the most done – the half hour between classes, the twenty minutes my food is in the oven. I use the time that I would otherwise be mindlessly scrolling through the internet to put my lady-boss pants on and get things done.

Plus, blogging is a good release. When I’m stressed and can’t possibly remember another anatomy term – that is when I will flip tabs over and start blogging. Being able to confidently tap away on my keyboard and know exactly what it is that I’m going to say helps mentally refresh me – making me a more productive worker afterwards.

“I don’t have anything to write about.”

But you do! You are talented and creative and imaginative and you’re good at a lot of things. You just might not realize that, or you don’t think that you have an audience.

But chances are, you do.

Really, there is an audience for everyone and every topic, some audience are just smaller than others.

Think about what you’re good at, and what you like doing. Can you explain how to be better? Or how to get started with your awesome hobby? Then you’ll have an audience.

“I don’t know about website design.”

I’m going to keep this response brief: You don’t have to. You need absolutely no technical computer skills to be able to have a blog – if you can type and work basic photo editing sites like PicMonkey – then you’re all set.

How to start a blog.

“What if people I know in real life find out?”

Ok, I definitely had this concern too. I kept my blog pretty hush hush for about 5 months (until I started making money!) and that’s when I said screw it. I posted about it on social media and everyone reacted really well.

I thought that because I was doing something ‘different’ and ‘weird’ that people would think that I was different and weird. But actually, people were impressed. They wanted to know how I got started (it was easy!), how I got to work with brands (it was on accident), and why I started a blog (it was on whim).

What I’m trying to say is that nobody called me out or made me feel bad. Maybe people judged behind my back – but that was fine. I’m to the point where I’m so proud of my blog that I hope people know about it and I love telling people who don’t!

Reasons to start a blog:

  • It can be a money making side hustle.
  • Or a real career.
  • Blogging looks great on a resume.
  • You are infinitely more marketable.
  • There is a great community.
  • You are going to get opportunities you never dreamed of.
  • It’s a great conversation starter.
  • You’ll have something you did all yourself to be proud of.
  • It is just really great.

Have you wanted to start a blog? What was holding you back?