Why you aren’t getting any pageviews.

On a Facebook group I am part of there were a few bloggers talking and they were skeptical of the claims some bloggers were making regarding page views. They were in disbelief that bloggers are able to get hundreds of thousands of page views monthly without any viral posts or  insane methods of promotion.

But I, along with hundreds of other bloggers, will happily tell you that not only is it possible – it’s fairly easy, too!

Now don’t mistake me saying ‘easy’ with thinking that it doesn’t require any work or that you’re going to be able to do it overnight. You won’t. But if you blog purposefully and keep a few things in mind, I promise you that you’ll see your page views start to soar.

Your posts aren’t helpful.

This is one of the most common things that I have to tell new bloggers when they ask for advice. Blogging is super therapeutic and it is definitely a great way to vent, but if you’re using your blog as a diary there is a good chance that you won’t see growth.

I saw abnormally quick growth here because most of my posts are on college advice and blogging: both topics that a lot of people are looking for, but not many are writing about. So even if you are writing helpful posts, you might be writing in a niche that is so supersaturated that your voice is being drowned out.

What you can do: So if you’re in a super popular niche, like fashion, think what you can do to stand out. Are you plus-sized? Super bohemian? Edgy? Find something that is yours and run with it. There are a million fashion blogs, but a much smaller number of petite fashion blogs. Concentrating your niche and writing helpful guides for your niche’s audience is so important to gaining a loyal following and having your posts shared.

You aren’t promoting yourself enough.

“Build it and they will come” is the biggest lie that bloggers believe. You need to be building it, pinning it, tweeting it, stumbling it, and sharing it. And then, if the stars align, they will come. You have to be your own biggest fan, and you need tor be screaming your own praise from the mountain tops. You know that you’re an awesome blogger and that your posts are great, but nobody else will until you tell them. So be constantly promoting your posts!

What you can do: Promote all of your new posts on all of your social media sites. But don’t use social media just for promotion or you will seem spammy! Be present and build a following so when you do promote yourself your followers are excited, not annoyed.

You aren’t posting enough.

Bloggers seem to always argue about quantity vs. quality – and I’m going to put an end to that debate right now: You need to do both. If you want to see growth you need to be posting high quality content frequently. Preferably four or five times a week, but at the very least, two. If you aren’t that needs to be the first step you take in trying to grow your blog.

Bloggers always seem to think that there is some magic formula when it comes to growing their blog. There isn’t. You aren’t going to see an upward trend without focus and dedication. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, some people just prioritize that time differently than others.

What you can do: Sit down and make an editorial calendar where you plan out the month’s posts so you don’t have to waste any time in the future brainstorming. Now that you have these posts in mind you can start making notes on them whenever you have any downtime.

Your blog is unattractive or hard to navigate.

Ok, so that is a bit harsh – but for a lot of bloggers it’s true. Take an unbiased look at your blog and ask yourself if it truly looks nice. If you have a ton of badges or ads your blog will look cluttered, and people aren’t going to want to bother trying to navigate it. Do you have an organized menu? Or are you still relying on archives? The easier your blog is to navigate, the more likely people are to stick around.

What you can do: Ask friends or family to be honest about how easy it is to navigate your blog. Implement categories. Organize your menu. There is so much you can do to improve the functionality of your blog, there is no one or right answer. If you don’t know where to start you can look at some of your favorite blogs and see how they are organized.

You aren’t implementing SEO.

Yes, SEO is pretty confusing at first and there’s a bit of a learning curve. But it is absolutely essential in the success of your blog. If you’re not focusing on SEO now, you’ll be hurting later. I had to put a lot of work in SEO for several months before I ever saw a return for my efforts, but now I get over 5,000 visitors a day from Google. So it is worth it.

What you can do: If you’re on WordPress download Yoast, it is an incredible SEO plugin that takes all of the guess work out of search engine optimization. In the meantime you can also look through your analytics and find your most popular posts and start injecting keywords into them. But do so naturally: You still want your post to read smoothly!

Your pictures aren’t pretty.

Again, a bit harsh, but it’s important! Make sure that your photography looks nice and pin all of your posts. I get around 50% of my traffic from Pinterest, and my pinterest referrals soared after buying my DSLR. Now you don’t have to have the best camera, but make sure your pictures look nice by shooting in natural light and adjusting tones on an editing software as needed.

What you can do: Go through your old posts and find pictures that aren’t as nice as they could be and redo them. While this might not be the most exciting task, if you pin all of your new images you should see a spike in traffic and that is exciting!


Good luck!