Why I didn’t rush a sorority.

This post is in no way intended to bash Greek Life. It is so wonderful for so many people, just not me.

It was just recently announced that University of Illinois took the crown for number one party school in America, and I can definitely see why. Between our infamous (and often copied) unofficial, and the huge emphasis on Greek Life it’s fair to say that U of I parties hard.

With that emphasis on Greek Life people are often shocked to find out that I’m not in a sorority, because for a lot of people being a GDI is very stigmatized. But for me, Greek Life never crossed my mind. Some people know from the time they reach high school that they are going to rush in college – whether they are a legacy, their older sibling did, or it just feels right. I was never that way, in fact I was always the opposite.

Greek Life is fantastic for some people - for others not so much. Here's my take on why Greek Life wasn't for me - you might want to consider some of these points before rushing into rush!

Now before anyone thinks I am writing this post to bash Greek Life, I’m not. I get asked a lot why I didn’t rush and now that it’s back to school time I’ve been getting emails from incoming freshman and a lot of people have asked me my opinion on Greek Life. And if I’m being honest, I have a very neutral opinion because I’ve never experienced it. But even without experiencing it I did know that it wasn’t for me, and I just thought I’d explain why.

The party culture.

Now save from a few houses, there is a huge party culture surrounding Greek Life at University of Illinois. I’m not a partier in any sense of the word, and neither were any of my closest friends in high school. It’s so nice having the same idea of a fun Friday night as all of your friends – and I wouldn’t have found that as easily in Greek Life. Devoting my time elsewhere I’ve found a great group of friends (some in Greek Life, though most aren’t) that I have so much fun with.

I’m an introvert.

I am an introvert and I also harbor a lot of social anxiety. Outwardly many people would assume I’m extroverted, but that’s because I can put on a pretty convincing facade when needed. The truth is that large social situations with new people makes me feel very panicky.

The time commitment.

For some people the time commitment is nothing, but for me devoting that much time to my sorority would be devastating and as the saying goes,

“You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce does…

it just depends what you do with them.” For me I couldn’t justify spending those hours at chapter or required events. Between keeping up with classes, swimable, plotting to take over the world, and blogging I don’t have time to spare.

The rush process.

I have nothing against sororities, but everything against sorority rush. I hate that girls put themselves through it – putting their heart and souls into wanting to get into a certain house only to find out that they weren’t selected. A weekend of mingling and short interviews aren’t nearly enough to get to know someone and yet with rush the girls in the house have to choose girls based on practically nothing and it leaves the rejected girls wondering what is wrong with them and why they weren’t likable enough to get into their dream house and it just breaks my heart for every girl who has had that happen.  I wish there were a better system in place.

For some girls, rushing is the best decision they ever made. For me it’s a decision I’m glad I didn’t make. Where do you stand in terms of Greek vs. GDI?