Wake up Pretty: Make your mornings go faster!

So, there are a lot of differences between fifteen year old Morgan and present day, twenty year old Morgan. One of the big ones is how much lower maintenance I am today. Part of that has to do with being too busy to curl my hair on the regular, and now I just want to devote my time to more important things than primping.

But on that same note, I still want to look good. While the days of spending over half an hour doing my makeup every morning are gone (and good riddance!) I still make sure to look good when I’m leaving – but I tend to only spend a few minutes each morning unless I’ve got something special to get fancy for.


Two of the most important things I do so I can get up and out the door are: beautifying in advance and (hold you groans) living a healthy lifestyle. Let me go more in depth:

Primping in advance.

To get that “I woke up like dis” glow and vibrance, I take a few measures to make me feel polished without having to spend a ton of time polishing.

1.) Whitening my teeth.

The first thing I do to help me look fab without spending a ton of time is keeping my teeth white. When exam time roles around and things start picking up with the blog I tend to drink a lot of tea and that reeks havoc on my pearly whites. Last time I was at the dentist they tried to bully me into spending $750 on custom whitening trays by showing me a before picture compared to the (admittedly dazzling potential after picture,) but really, who can afford that? So when I got the chance to try Smile Brilliant – I jumped at it. Smile Brilliant offers the same exact service the dentist does (custom trays & professional whitening gel) at a huge fraction of the cost.

What was most exciting about Smile Brilliant was that I didn’t experience sensitivity like I have in the past with other whitening products, and a lot of that had to due with the included desensitizing gel.


2.) Face masks.

Again, when exam time roles around my skin gets really bad. I’m talking flaking, redness, acne, the whole nine yards. Stress does bad things to me all around, but I combat that by taking great care of my skin. With using face masks once or twice a week (I have a four or five I cycle through!) I’ve noticed huge improvements in my skin! Dryness is (almost) a thing of the past and my breakouts are manageable.

Face masks are great because they really only take a minute or two to apply and then I just rinse them off in the shower making the whole process a lot quicker than the whole primer/foundation routine I would otherwise be doing each morning!

3.) Moisturizer.

So I’m pretty big on skincare – it’s definitely the most important part of my beauty routine. I have weird combination skin that freaks out if I don’t keep it moisturized at all times. In addition to using hydrating masks I like to use coconut oil at night and a lighter moisturizer like Cetaphil during the day. Moisturizer really is the oomph my skin needs to look nice make-up free.

Staying healthy.

There is nothing that is going to make you look better than making good choices regarding your health. Some choices are more extreme than others, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us can afford to be at least a bit healthier.

1.) Stay hydrated.

If you are a long time reader, you are probably sick of hearing me say this – but hydration is so important! Besides the fact that you need water to survive and function, keeping up with your H2O intake will also make your skin look nicer, your eyes brighter, improve any current acne, and will fight against bloat. Water should be the number one tool in your beauty arsenal.


2.) Get rest.

I am at my worst when I’m tired in so many ways, and looks is a big one. Sleep deprivation makes me look half dead, and I know that is the case for so many others. I try (very hard!) to take care of my body and get enough rest and I’m sure you all do, too (because who doesn’t love sleep?!?!) but being in college it can be hard. If you’re trying to cram for an exam or get a project done – just know that it’s been proven that an alert person can get as much done in 30 minutes as a tired person can in an hour. So that 20 minute nap will actually make you more productive!

3.) Get your fruits and veggies!

If you’ve been having unexplained problems with your skin, I can almost promise you that it’s a problem with your diet. I can’t speak for other countries, but as a general rule, college students here in America eat garbage and then wonder why they are feeling so crummy. I’ve never felt better, had more energy, or had nice skin since I started cutting animal products out of my diet. Now you don’t even have to be that drastic – but swapping out junk food for fruit every once in a while can go a long way.

So in conclusion….

Alright guys, you can do one of these things or all of them or none of them at all. And if you’re in the same boat that fifteen year old Morgan was in thinking that your value was based on how many coats of mascara you are wearing , well let me say this: People see you for you. Think about it, you probably have friends with acne, or hair that does a strange thing at the part, or some other oddity that might make them super self conscious – but how often do you actively notice it? Chances are, you don’t ever think of it.

So what I’m trying to say is while it’s OK to want to look fab and take measures to do so, look fab for you first because other people couldn’t care less.

Take the title with a grain of salt: I was trying to channel Beyonce and her "I woke up like this." Pretty isn't everything!! <3