Valentines Day Gifts for Him.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, you may be trying to brainstorm what to get your boyfriend. I am right there with you, it certainly isn’t an easy task! It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, and now there is an entire new holiday to buy gifts for! I know a lot of couples don’t do gifts for Valentines day, but if you do I brought in my boyfriend to help come up with some ideas your guy will love!

This is Chris. Contrary to to what it may look like, he is actually very excited to help you brainstorm gifts for the guy in your life!

When brainstorming, I told him to keep in mind that he should keep the gifts affordable, and something you can whip up on short notice. That means neither online shopping nor intense planning are in your future (unless you want them to be!) Chris and I like more heartfelt gifts (don’t most couples?) so most of these aren’t actually concrete ideas, but more of suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing!

Perfect Gifts Valentines Day for Him Boyfriend Presents

Make him a Valentines Day dinner.

Chris is a big foodie, and loves when I cook for him! Luckily, I love to cook so this one leaves us both happy! If you know your guy’s favorite food, try looking up a recipe and preparing it for him! For bonus points, try finishing it off with a heart shaped dessert! Some cool ones I’ve seen are heart shaped cinnamon rolls and heart cupcakes!

Give him a new experience.

Chris has been wanting to drive out into the middle of nowhere to see the stars without the light pollution for months.I keep saying when it gets warmer (because I want to sit outside on a blanket!) but if I had access to a car that is something I might take him to do as a surprise! Other experience could be ice skating, indoor skydiving, a trampoline park, run a themed race,  really the options are endless!

Weekend at home 010b

A Box of Chocolates.

This one might seem a bit stereotypical but it doesn’t have to be! Chris and I recently went through a box of chocolates splitting each one and rating them. We were on the hunt for a cherry filled one, but to no avail. It was fun trying to guess which ones would have what in them, and we got to eat chocolate. It was a win win!

Make him something.

I like to pretend to be crafty, which means Chris gets a lot of homemade gifts from me. Maybe he’s just saying it to make me feel good, but he claims that they are his favorites! Last year Chris carved me a wooden heart and now it’s one of my favorite possessions! The things you make are likely to mean a lot more than anything you could possibly buy!

Something he’ll love!

You know your guy better than anyone else. What has he recently been obsessed with? A new movie or videogame? Buy him a poster. A new band? Go old school and make him a mix tape. Whatever it is he’s crazy about at the moment, see if you can come up with a gift idea from that. Your guy has a ton of hobbies and interests, and if you get him a gift related to one of them, he’s going to appreciate that you noticed his latest obsession (even if you think it’s silly!)

Happy Valentines Day!

What do you think of the list that Chris came up with for you all? Anything that you would add? We hope that you were able to take some inspiration from it and hopefully brainstorm up a fantastic gift for your boyfriend this Valentines Day!  Thanks for reading! If you have any super exciting Valentines Day plans, I’d love to hear about them down in the comments!