Travel Guide: Major Cities in the United States

Travel is something that I have a steep interest in, but until recently I didn’t necessarily have the resources or freedom to pursue it. I’ve been able to visit a handful of incredible places in my 22 years, but I’ve got a bucket list a mile long of other places I’d love to go, too.

Because I don’t have the experiences to offer travel guides for some of the coolest locations in the United States (yet!) I thought I’d turn to some of my blog friends and share their travel guides for cities all over the country.

p.s. I’m heading to Seattle in August! Expect a fully-comprehensive travel guide, in the meantime I’d love your suggestions on what to do and see!

United States Travel Guide: Major Cities



On your visit to America’s Walking City you’re going to want to take in some of the best food and sights Boston has to offer, yeah?You’re in luck! Vanessa Gatlin of The City Girl’s Guide has your meal itinerary planned out.

From breakfast and a nightcap drink, to exploring some of Boston’s most iconic sights, she has you covered. All of the restaurants have some Boston authenticity in them, ensuring your food experience will keep your traveler’s heart happy. And for those who want to discover the city in-between meals, Vanessa lists some great indoor and outdoor places to explore.

California Coast


For anyone visiting San Francisco, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, or Big Sur, Alyssa of is the one to look to for tips.

Over a 5-day trip, she highlights things to do in each city and is refreshingly real about how to spend your time and what places are actually worth visiting.

Plus, the pictures on her guide are to die for, and will give you some major Instagram inspiration.



The dream: Going on a vacation where all of the hotspots are already planned out for you. Spoiler alert: This dream can be a reality thanks to Austen Tosone of Keep Calm and Chiffon.

Austen covers visiting Chicago for 4 days with a day-by-day itinerary and a packing list – basically providing all the instructions you need for a blissful vacation. She highlights great food spots, ways to appreciate historical buildings and museums, and some of the best places to see amazing outside art like the famous Chicago Bean.

Los Angeles

los angeles

When in LA, take advantage of the great shopping and even better food. Christina of cuddlepill is here to help by taking you on a tour of LA. With a multitude of restaurant suggestions, she covers many cuisines and even some vegetarian options (cha-ching!).

For shopping, you can choose from strip malls, vintage stores, and even some unique LA only stores. 



If your wanderlust is taking you to Nashville, look to Jessica of Jet-setting Spirit for a vacation you won’t forget! She’ll take you on an adventure with local food and sights to see, make sure you get into the ‘honky tonk’ spirit with some great places to go out, and ensure you have a comfortable rest in one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Nashville!

For a shorter Nashville trip, Kayla of Kayla Blogs has you covered with some of the absolute must see and do places in the city. Alternating between food, sights, and some activities like bowling and taking a tour, she makes sure you’ll have a whirlwind of a trip!

New Orleans


If you’re visiting The Big Easy and looking to dive into the city’s culture through food, drink, and exploration, you’ve found your jackpot! Casey of Casey La Vie covers local food and drink like beignets and po boys, along with some of the best places to grab a drink like a true NOLA resident. One your belly is full, she gives plenty of suggestions for sightseeing, getting around the city, and shopping.


NOLA is one of the most unique cities in the United States, and Jessica of Jet-setting Spirit helps embrace the culture and life in the wonderful city. She provides some great ways to learn about and experience the history of NOLA, and supplements those experiences with great food spots. Beyond food and history, she highlights some famous areas to catch a glimpse of unique street artists who entertain through lovely music and magic tricks.


For a foodie looking to sample some of the South’s best pastries, Kayla of Kayla Blogs is a dream come true. With a thorough list of NOLA restaurants, she makes sure you’ll get your fill of beignets, donuts, and cinnamon rolls with some great BBQ on the side. To help combat the food, she even suggests some free walking tours that explore the city.

New York City


For every type of traveler looking to spend time in NYC, Karen of WanderLustingK has your itinerary covered. Foodies, explorers, partiers, and more will have their wanderlust piqued by her travel suggestions.

By covering the Big Apple and the hot spots in most of its boroughs, suggesting trip preparation activities, and even providing a detailed map, Karen is every traveler’s dream guide!



If you’re a gluten free foodie looking for all the hot spots in NYC, turn to Sara of Sara Magnolia. Sara takes future travelers through a food adventure with lots of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. For those with a sweet tooth, don’t worry! She also includes great spots for dessert!


For visitors looking for an off-the-beaten-path shopping trip in NYC, Christina of cuddlepill has lots of suggestions. Instead of bustling down 5th avenue and its busy shops, travelers will find themselves looking at unique and vintage clothing stores sprinkled throughout the NYC boroughs. For an after-shopping bite to eat, Christina even provides some local food spots that will keep visitors satisfied for many meals.



Magic is real, and for those visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Julia and Endless Distances keep that magic alive with visiting tips and tricks! Julia provides detailed plans and descriptions of each amazing sight within the mystical resort, ensuring visitors can enjoy their Butterbeer without any worries!



If you like food and history, Philadelphia is the place for you! Kayla of Kayla Blogs helps a foodie historian’s dream come true by listing some tasty restaurants and some of America’s most historical spots in Philly. If you’re looking for a cheesesteak and plan on visiting the Liberty Bell and more, look no further!


For art lovers, visiting Philadelphia is a real treat. Camille of Positive Publicity shows just how wonderful the city can be by describing the Philly Mural Arts Program, and some of the most stunning building-sized murals that grace Philly streets.

Tampa & St. Petersburg


Visiting Tampa & St. Petersburg and looking for suggestions? Sara of Sara Magnolia is a local of the Sunshine State who gives a great list of places to eat, shop, and explore in the cities! With a range of activities from strolling through parks to taking helicopter rides, this guide is perfect for all budgets.

Washington D.C


A weekend getaway is always a treat, especially when it’s a getaway to an amazing place like Washington D.C. To help you make the most of your vacation, Gabby of The Swirl breaks down the must eat, do, and sees of the Capital City. If you’re looking for lodging tips, transportation ins-and-outs, or just want to see some great sights and eat some good food, this is the guide you’re looking for. 

What do you think — which location on this list would you most like to visit? Where is the coolest place you’ve been?