20 Things to do Before you Turn 20: A Doable Bucket List.

I spent the better part of last night facebook stalking other bloggers’ thirty by thirty lists. If you are unfamiliar with the idea, you just make a list of thirty things that you would like to do before you turn thirty. For me, thirty still seems so far away, I’m just a teenager after all! I thought instead I could put the pressure on and make a twenty by twenty list.

I have a huge bucket list here, but I decided to narrow it down and come up with the ones I am going to give top priority to! I have about 7 months left before I turn twenty, which means I am going to have to complete about three of these per month in order to stay on track! Wish me luck!

As a teenager, my twenties seem so far away. But in reality they are creeping up on me faster than I would like! So I came up with a list of twenty things to do before I turn twenty - are any of these goals on your bucket list?

Twenty by Twenty

  1. Run a half marathon.
    So this isn’t quite as ambitious as the usual ‘run a marathon’ goal on a lot of these lists, but it’s a heck of a lot more practical! I was a runner in high school, and a good one at that. I am going to work to get back into shape and finally run that half marathon that’s been in the back of my mind for ages.
  2. Make a new friend. A real friend, someone I have jokes with, spend time with, and really genuinely like.
    I am the queen of having friendly acquaintances. I am rather introverted so actually making that effort to make new friends is tough for me. I have some really great friends so it never really occurs to me to make more.
  3. Go on a legit, all day hike.
    If you don’t know me, just know that I am actually an 11 year old boy at heart. Exploring a forest sounds like a dream come true to me, yet I’ve never actually gone hiking. I want to plan a long hike, pack a lunch and plenty of water, and just go. Maybe with my boyfriend, maybe with a group of friends. It doesn’t matter, I just want to do it.
  4. Write every single day.
    Now that I am blogging, this one isn’t very difficult, but it is important. Now that I am constantly writing I have gotten much better at expressing myself and as cheesy as it sounds – understanding myself. Writing doesn’t have to be for work or school, it can be therapeutic, too.
  5. Become friends with a professor.
    I am going to confess something to you right now. I have a huge lady crush on my 60-something year old professor. I think she is the coolest, most interesting person that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and  I want to be her friend. Sometimes professors seem scary and intimidating, but then you find that cool professor who dresses in a business suit everyday and comes to class on his pink rollerskates and then you realize, they aren’t that terrifying at all.
  6. Stop being afraid.
    Fun fact about me: I am an incredibly anxious person. Boyfriend didn’t respond to my text? He probably got jumped. Haven’t heard from mom in a few days? She’s probably in the hospital. It’s a trait I can’t seem to get over, but I’ve been working hard at it! I need to stop thinking the worst, because even if I am right, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.
  7. Get a real haircut instead of just a trim.
    I have had long hair for years, and am so attached. In my heart I know I’d look better if I cut five or six inches off and added some movement, but it’s gotten to the point where I feel like my hair is part of my identity!
  8. Learn to sew.
    And by that I mean, really sew. I did a sewing class in middle school, but I didn’t learn much. I would love to be able to create my own clothing!
  9. Wake up in time to see a sunrise.
    The world is an absolutely beautiful place, and I keep saying I’ll see it when I have the money. Well, the truth is there is so much beauty that doesn’t cost a penny and I’m just choosing to ignore it every single morning. I am working to fix that.
  10. Become a competent coder.
    I’d love to be able to code for the obvious reason (blogging!) but also because it’s a super valuable skill when it comes to finding a job, and it’s also an incredibly cool thing to know how to do.
  11. Try a vegan diet for a week.
    I have so much respect for people who have the self control to eat a super restricted diet, and that’s why I would like to try it. While I never want to make a permanent change to being a vegan, I just want to challenge myself to exercise my control.
  12. Treat myself better.
    This is a life change I need to make. I really want to start exercising regularly, stop putting junk into my body, and get more sleep. Whenever I take care of my body in those ways I feel better and happier, yet I always revert to my same bad habits. It’s time to make a permanent change!
  13. Learn about where I came from.
    My grandma has spent years travelling around and chasing our family tree, and yet I’ve never really talked to her about it. I’m sure she has found out some amazing things and I’d love to know more about my roots!
  14. Be more generous.
    With gifts, with compliments, with laughs. I just want to be a more giving person. I admire people who can give selflessly and I want to become that person. I’m not quite there but it is something that I plan on working on.
  15. Stop caring what people think.
    Remember when I said I want to stop being afraid? Well I’m afraid of silly little things like the judgement of others, too. And that is something I just need to let go of.
  16. Get on the Dean’s list.
    I am so close I can almost taste it. I want it so bad, it would be such an honor!
  17. Become confidently conversational in ASL.
    American Sign Language is such a beautiful and complicated language, and I have been practicing for almost a year now. I would love to get to the point where I could have easy conversations with anyone in sign language.
  18. Complete 10 crochet projects.
    I love to create and make things. I especially love crochet because it works up so quickly! Several people I know are having babies soon, so I am going to get started on lots of baby blankets!
  19. Do that thing my mom told me never to do and meet my online friends in real life.
    As a blogger, I feel like half of my best friends are people I’ve never actually met. You get to know a lot of incredibly people blogging, and I so badly want to get to know them in person!
  20. Start outlining a real-life-big-kid book.
    When I was a kid I was constantly writing – it was my dream to be a published author by middle school. That didn’t pan out. But I haven’t given up on my dream of being a published author. I want to finally get started on that goal!

So there it is – my twenty by twenty! Some are silly, some are going to kick my butt, and some are a bit ambitious but I am going to do everything I can to make sure I accomplish everything on this list!

Do you have any advice for me? Do any of my goals align with yours? Let me know and we can cheer each other on!