The Collegiates Guide to Taxes.

Being in college, I am granted a huge sense of independence. While my parents are always just a phone call away, essentially I am on my own This gives me the opportunity to act like an adult, but still rest easy knowing that I have a safety net. At this point I’ve been making money blogging for over six months, meaning that it’s time for me to file taxes.

It's that time again - tax time! If you're in college, you may have never had to file taxes on your own. But it's not nearly as confusing as you may think! Check out the post for tips and tricks on how you can file headache free.

If it’s your first time filing taxes, you may not know where to start. No worries, I’ve got your back! TurboTax has a program called ‘Absolute Zero’ that makes filing taxes an absolute breeze! Unlike other services, with Absolute Zero, you can file your taxes absolutely free. TurboTax is helping over 60 million Americans with this service, and if you’re reading this – chances are you qualify!

TurboTax tax tips college

You qualify if you: 

  • Are a first-time filer,
  • Are a student, or
  • Don’t have a house or investments

TurboTax is the only company that offers this service, and if you’re in college I highly recommend taking advantage of it! Knowing how to do your taxes is a skill that you are going to need your entire life, and something that you are going to want to be comfortable with as soon as possible. They are proud to be giving you the power to do your own taxes and take control of your finances – remember how I mentioned college is a time of independence? Well with that comes empowerment. Being able to take care of your taxes on your own is not only is a huge step towards adulthood, but it also grants you that independence I’ve been talking about.

College kids have a few options when it comes to filing taxes: We can ask our parents, wait in long lines at our school’s resource center, or spend a fortune having an expensive tax company take over for you. Personally, I prefer taking things into my own hands, and I think that all college students should do the same. Considering how easy (and affordable!) TurboTax makes it, anyone can do their own taxes from to comfort of their own home.

TurboTax college tax tips

Tax Tips:

  • Even if your income was low enough that you don’t have to file, you still might want to. You may have had taxes withheld that you’re going to want back!
  • Ask your parents whether you’re a dependent or not. If you aren’t there will be additional deductibles that you qualify for!
  • Do not skip filing your taxes if you’re required to! You can get into a lot of trouble!
  • Don’t forget, tax day is April 15th!

After successfully completing your tax return – all there is left to do now is anxiously await your tax return! With that extra money coming your way the spending opportunities are endless! Whether you decide to splurge on something exciting or tuck it away in your savings; you’re going to be glad that you have it. And even more glad that you saved money in the process!

What do you hope to get with your tax return?

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