Day in the Life: My Time Management.

Running a blog involves a ton of behind the scenes work – it is so much more than just writing a few posts and taking a few pictures. From the outside looking in blogging might seem simple, but trust me when I say, it isn’t.

With that said, I love to see how bloggers are managing their time, because balancing blogging, school, socializing, and anything else that pops up can be intense. I’ve seen a few bloggers post ‘A day in the life’ type posts, so I thought I would take my own spin on it.

As a college blogger, my day probably looks a lot different than a mommy blogger or a food blogger, so I wanted to give you guys a peek into my daily routine. I see the most excitement on Wednesdays, so I decided to keep track of what I do on the average Wednesday so I could share with you!

Managing your time in college is hard - there is so much going on! If you are interested in seeing how one college student manages check out!


  • 8:30 – My alarm goes off everyday at 8:30, and I am not one to hit snooze. First thing I do is scroll through Instagram and then check my facebook notifications before hopping out of bed, brushing my teeth and hair, and pulling on a warm outfit. The mornings are brutally cold this time of year here in Illinois!
  • 9:15 – On Wednesdays class doesn’t start until 10, so I can usually publish a pre-written post in the morning before heading out.
  • 9:40 – Off to class! I like to walk because the buses tend to be overcrowded, and not to be snobby, but they sort of gross me out. I feel like I’m going to catch a cold if I ride one! Plus, the walk helps wake me up, and I tend to eat my breakfast on the way there (usually I have an orange or a granola bar!)
  • 10:00 – I am in phonetics now! This is my favorite class this semester by far. We are learning the International Phonetic Alphabet right now and I find it to be so fun and interesting! This is the one class I’m super eager to go to.
  • 11:00 – After class I go to my boyfriend’s dorm room for about 20 minutes and we wait for the lunch rush to die down. In this time usually he puts up with me being a bit too overenthusiastic about the super cool thing I learned in class, and he manages to feign interest. Bless him for that.
  • 11:40 – Chris lives a minute away from the best dining hall, so we head over there. Wednesdays are macaroni days and it’s the best. They have smoked gouda and sharp cheddar sauce, and the trick is to combine the two, go to the potato bar, and add bacon and green onions from there to mix into your pasta!


  • 12:15 – We head back to Chris’s dorm and do our readings for English class (we are taking intro to fiction together to satisfy a GenEd!) Depending on how long the readings take we will then watch an episode of whatever it is we are binge watching on Netflix, right now we are finishing up House!
  • 2:00 – Now we are in Intro to Fiction, overall I’m not in love with the class, every class we just discuss the readings, which tends to get a bit dull, especially considering that half the class doesn’t do the readings. The teacher is nice though, so it’s tolerable.
  • 3:15 – After class, Chris and I go our separate ways, him to class and me to my room, and I will do the social media promotion for the blog post I published that morning. That means posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a few others depending on the nature of the post. This takes longer than it should because I tend to get distracted on each website for far too long.
  • 4:00 – By four I like to have started working on a post to publish the following day. This can mean writing or taking pictures, and if I’m absolutely stumped I will just peruse the internet until inspiration strikes.


  • 5:00 – On Wednesdays I tend to eat a bit earlier, so I head over to the dining hall and eat whatever it is they are serving that day. Dinners there usually leave much to be desired, so more often than not it will be a big spinach salad with lots of cranberries and sunflower seeds. If I’m lucky, they will have hard boiled eggs, too!
  • 5:30 – Now is usually the time that I will start on homework. Every Wednesday I have stats homework due at midnight, so I try to get that done before I leave for dance at 8:15. After stats I will work on my study sheets for my Physics course, which takes a lot longer than they should because I tend to be a perfectionist.
  • 8:30 – Time for belly dance practice! This is my favorite part of the week. The girls there are amazing and it’s such a positive and supportive atmosphere!
  • 9:30 – After belly dance I like to workout, given that I am already at the gym. My usual gym routine consists of running for a mile or so on the track to warm up, then using the free weights. Somedays I work on core, but it’s not typically a priority because I get a great core workout dancing.
  • 11:00 – After my shower it’s time to unwind. I will read, write in my journal, or play around on the internet. Anything goes, really! Before midnight I will brush my teeth and wash my face and climb into bed.
  • 12:00 – I really like to be in bed, lights out by midnight, though that hasn’t been possible lately. But when it is I will play on my phone (usually reading LetsNotMeet or NoSleep stories on Reddit) until 12:30 when I go to sleep for real!

That is what my usual day looks like! I make sure to set aside time to do things I enjoy and are therapeutic to me like writing or journaling, because otherwise I tend to get overwhelmed. My days are definitely packed full, but that’s the way I like them! I get a bit restless if I have too much down time, and I definitely am not as productive if I have an excess of free time.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed! I would love to hear about your favorite part of the week! What is that one thing you look forward to?