The Perfect Date Night.

School is out and it’s time to unwind – this means I have been enjoying bubble baths, pedicures with my mama, and date nights with Christopher. We don’t get many proper dates during the school year because scheduling is tough when we are working around each other’s schedules of exams, study sessions, and extracurriculars.

Now that we are home, though, we have time to go out more often. We are both huge foodies so more often than not our date of choice is going out to eat somewhere like Fridays or Red Robin then binge watching our current obsession on Netflix. While that is great and I live for those nights – I do like to mix it up!

The Best Date Night. (1)

So I am planning a date night for next weekend that I am so excited for! For some of you, it might seem a bit basic, but it’s different from what we usually do, so I am quite happy with it!

Straight to Dessert.

I am definitely a ‘dessert before dinner’ type of girl, so this is right up my alley! Chris and I are pretty well versed in the restaurants and eateries in our area, and we are lucky to have a ton of great ice cream places near by. One of our favorites is Maggie Moo’s! If you’ve never been there it’s incredible – you choose your ice cream flavors and toppings and they mix everything all together for you. I love mixing the banana and dark chocolate ice creams with oreos and heath bar!

Not big on ice cream? Consider doing something unusual to replace your typical dinner. I’ve always wanted to go restaurant hopping. This is where you will go to one restaurant for an appetizer, another for an entree, and a final for dessert. Just make sure not to go during a peak time or you may spend a lot of time waiting!

Then the movies.

This is a classic date for so many, but now that I’m thinking about it, in the nearly three years I’ve been with Chris we have never had a movie date. We’ve gone to the movies with a group of friends, but never just the two of us.

I am dying to see Pitch Perfect 2, and though he’d never admit it, Chris was crazy about the original Pitch Perfect so I am sure that he would be more than happy to go see it. Schick is a sponsor of Pitch Perfect 2 and starting back in April, you can find some of their products with special limited edition Pitch Perfect 2 packaging at your local Meijer. Plus, to get you in the Pitch Perfect mindset – their new ‘Rock Your Legs’ YouTube Channel is brilliant!

And finally on a drive.

Chris and I love going on drives! There is a lot of really incredible places to explore around us depending on the direction you go. We have farmland, forest, and huge rolling hills. We spent countless hours last summer just driving around. One thing we never did, though, was go on a night drive. I think that it would be really cool to go out of city limits in the middle of the night to see the stars, and (provided it’s a cloud free night!) that is how I plan ending our date.


Before the date I will follow my summer beauty routine while dancing around to the original Pitch Perfect soundtrack to get me into the Pitch Perfect spirit. My beauty routine relies heavily on smooth, glowing skin so I love using Schick products so I can rock my legs with confidence and I moisturize with coconut oil to keep them hydrated!


What is your idea of the perfect summer date? Would you do any of the activities I plan on?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick® and/or St.Ives. The opinions and text are all mine.