The busy girl’s guide to fall skincare!

I don’t know about you, but my skin is in some crazy limbo right now trying to adjust with the change in weather that comes along with fall. Living in Illinois, the fluctuation has been crazy: sunny and seventy five one day, dry and mid forties the next. This time of year always reeks havoc on my skin, but this year I am trying to combat that the best way I can.

In a perfect world I would be able to steam, and exfoliate, and mask, and moisturize extensively each night; but personally I’m too busy for that and I suspect you are, too. But us busy girls gotta stick together, so I thought I would share some of my best, time saving fall skincare tips with you!


Stay Hydrated.

Alright, y’all. This one is the easiest and the benefits extend way further than just pretty skin. Staying hydrated is going to make you feel better, give you a ton of energy, and keep everything functioning as it should. I use the app ‘Plant Nanny’ to monitor my water intake – and it makes it impossible to get behind! Staying hydrated is going to help keep your skin moisturized from the inside out, hopefully combating dry flakes and tightness.



But strike a balance with it. You can exfoliate every few days to get rid of that top layer of dead skin and reveal a glowing, healthy layer underneath! You can either buy an exfoliating wash, DIY one, or (my favorite!) get an exfoliating wash cloth that turns any ol’  body wash into an exfoliating scrub!


Everywhere. So many people get caught up in thinking that ‘skincare’ only applies to the skin on their face, and everywhere else will magically be fine on it’s own – but that is not the case! You need to be taking care of all of your skin! Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray Moisturizer is the perfect fall moisturizer for me (and busy girls everywhere!) because it’s super easy and quick to use – you can apply it in seconds, and it absorbs in just a few seconds more! The continuous spray moisturizer has 2x the moisture making it perfect for the cool, dry months.


Sweat it out.

Like staying hydrated, working out has a million benefits that go far beyond your skin. But doing just a short workout where you break a bit of a sweat will have tremendous benefits for your skin, allowing your body to flush out toxins and clear your pores.  I try and work out everyday even if it’s just for ten or fifteen minutes when I wake up. I do wall sits, weights, and a bit of core to get my hear rate up and my blood flowing!

Let your skin breathe.

This is a super important tip for fall skincare – skin that can’t breathe = itchy and unsightly bumps! I’m an evening showerer, and right after I get out I moisturize, and then let my skin breathe the rest of the night. I usually will sleep in running shorts and a cami, letting my arms and legs breathe after being bundled up all day long. Again, this is where my Vaseline lotion comes in handy – it’s so quick absorbing I don’t have to worry about it making my sheets gross!


What am I missing? I’m always looking for awesome fall skincare tips to keep my skin in tip top shape – give me any tips I might have missed!


This post is in partership with Vaseline.