The Blogger’s Wishlist.

A lot of people don’t understand all of the time, work, and devotion must go into running a successful blog. And beyond all of that there is also a lot of money that goes into blogging for business. From wordpress themes to cameras to the yearly renewal fees the costs can really add up for a professional blogger.
Given that it’s ‘gift guide season’ in the blogging world, I thought I’d list a few things that are on most bloggers’ wishlists this holiday season.
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Memory Cards

Successful blogs hinge on beautiful and original graphics. Those graphics start with photography, and bloggers take a lot of pictures to get the perfect shot. Before class today I was out taking pictures for an exciting project, and going through my lightroom library I realized I took 27 pictures of the same subject at slightly different angles. It takes a lot to get that perfect shot, and the cards fill up quickly.


A DSLR camera is a game changer for bloggers. I took the plunge in January to invest in one, and that is really when my blog started taking off. At the very base of photography, the camera does make a difference. But then if you go even further and learn how to use that nice camera you can make magic happen. Before I was taking OK images with and OK skill set, but getting a nice camera motivated me to start learning how to take better photos.

A New Lens

There are some lenses that are simply magic, every blogger and every photographer is going to have their favorite lens, but mine is linked up above. It gives your subject sharp focus, while allowing everything in the background to blur out perfectly. This was a great investment for me especially now that I’ve started doing some fashion related posts.

A Blogging Course

I’m crazy about blogging course, I just took Helene Sula’s “Quit Your Job to Blog” and I came out with a ton of actionable steps that I was able to take right away in order to start seeing more revenue from this blog. Other courses I’ve taken in the past are Instagram with Intention from Hilary Rushford, nearly all of A Beautiful Mess’s courses (I’m obsessed!) Now that I’m making a fairly steady income, I’ve been trying to invest some money back into that to help me gain the knowledge I need to grow.

A Planner

Ok, so it seems to be a pretty general rule among bloggers that planners are the best thing ever. I would go nuts without mine – it definitely helps keep me sane. I feel like all of my favorite bloggers have all published posts about their planners and how they use them.

Pretty Desk Trinkets

Bloggers spend a lot of time at our desks and I don’t know about you, but I like for my work place to be pretty. Plus, a big part of blogging is social media, and my favorite social media site is Instagram. Sometimes if I don’t have anything to post on Insta, I’ll just arrange a quick flatlay, and that’s when pretty little trinkets come in handy!


I myself am not too big on caffeine, but another common theme with a lot of my blogging friends is the craziness about coffee. I am more of a tea girl myself, but really you can’t go wrong with a pretty mug or a starbucks giftcard!

So this wasn’t necessarily a gift guide (some of these suggestions are way up in price!) but more so a list of things I really wanted when I started blogging. It’s commonly said that you have to spend money to make money, so if you’re a blogger and this looks something like your wishlist consider treating yo’self and splurging on one of the items (big or small!) I didn’t make any big investments until I started making money with my blog, but every investment that I have made has been: a.) Scary, b.) worth it.

As always if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

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