The best parts of back to school.

So I might have whined just a little about going back to school – but to be honest I’m actually pretty excited. I am going to miss my family to death, and I don’t even know I’m going to handle not seeing the sweet baby I nanny, and my little cousin my mom watches. But that aside I really love my school. I love being on a campus full of brilliant and driven people, and walking on the quad feeling like that’s exactly where I’m supposed to be, and I am especially excited to see my friends.

So while not everything about going back to school is perfect – there is a lot I’m looking forward to! And with exactly one week until move in, I thought it would be a good time to share with you what I think are the best parts about going back to school.


This is my first year in an apartment – and I’m so excited to start decorating. I will have my room to myself so I can make it into my own perfect haven. The space is small and cozy, so I’m aiming for lots of white and reflective surfaces to brighten it up and make it look a bit more open. With baby pink to bring in some color!

Syllabus Week.

love syllabus week. First of all you get to meet your professors and get and idea of what the class is going to be like. If you’re in a major you love flipping through the syllabus is going to get you pumped for all of the awesome information you’re going to learn. And no homework (unless your professor is especially cruel.)

Free everything.

Free food, frisbees, and t-shirts galore! That first week of school it feels like you can’t walk ten feet without someone giving you something! If I’m being honest, I really don’t need half of the stuff, but who can say no to a free Illini shirt?

The atmosphere.

I just love how being at school feels – there is an energy in the air and people everywhere doing awesome things! I get super inspired being on campus.

The rhythm.

I love being super scheduled. Knowing that I’m going to go to class, lunch, lab, and then another class before going off to a meeting is very comforting to me. I feel like I am far more productive during the school year, and with that I’m more driven, too.

What is your favorite part about going back to school?