Date Night Idea: The Adventure Challenge

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Garrett and I live together, so it’s easy to say every night is date night (and that’s what it feels like!) but sometimes it’s hard to get out of our routines and make a real effort to mix things up. Most of our nights look like dinner, an episode or two on Netflix, playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch, playing with our cats and dog, go to bed.

Any date nights where we actually leave the house tend to be dinners and a movie.

And we are both creatures of habit and love routine, so neither of us have any complaints with our normal. But let’s be honest: it’s always fun to mix things up.

The Adventure Challenge

That’s where The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition comes in.

The Adventure Challenge is the best way to shake up date night.

Long story short: The Adventure Challenge is a book with 50 date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy together. The only catch? You don’t know what the date entails until you scratch it off. Once you scratch, you have to do it.

Luckily you don’t go in completely blind. There is a key with hints on what the date entails. Things like whether you’ll be leaving the house, if they’re messy, if it’ll require you to be active, and so on. It also lets you know approximately how long the date takes and how much you’ll spend (less than $50 and many less than $10!)

The Adventure Challenge is the best way to shake up date night.

The Adventure Challenge: Thrift Shapers

Garrett and I scratched off the “Thrift Shapers” square (we’re thrifting fanatics, after all!) and it did not disappoint. The challenge was this:

  • Go to the thrift shop and pick out outfits for each other
  • Assign each other new names to accompany the new look
  • Wear your new outfits (and names!) out to date night.
  • Get a stranger to take your picture

Executing the date

Garrett and I thrifted in the morning, and went to the movies in the evening. We decided to try and get clothes that weren’t in each others comfort zone, but still wearable. Things we could potentially incorporate into our wardrobes.

The Adventure Challenge is the best way to shake up date night.

That night, Garrett and I donned the outfits we picked out for each other and went to the movies and saw Into the Wild (we have a Saint Bernard, so we couldn’t pass it up!).

We assigned each other our alter ego names. Garrett chose Judy for me, so I picked out Gerald for him as I thought it complimented Judy fairly well.

We vlogged the entire experience start to finish here!

I am crazy about this little book. We’ve decided to try and do a date a week, and with 50 dates we have almost an entire year of fun dates ahead of us.

Even better? The book itself slowly transforms into an heirloom, as there is space to journal the dates and paste pictures from your adventures. Garrett and I got the Couple’s Camera Set so we can take polaroids to document each date.

If you’d like to follow along on upcoming dates, make sure to follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my Adventure highlight on my profile.