Underappreciated Luxuries of Thanksgiving Break.

College Students all across America are now tucked into their own beds at night and eating yummy home cooked meals while anxiously awaiting the mother of all home cooked meals – Thanksgiving. Of course there are the obvious perks of Thanksgiving break like getting to see your loved ones and sleeping in your own bed – but there are a few underappreciated benefits that I thought I should make light of.

What are some luxuries of being home on break that college students take for granted?

  1. Showering barefoot. It’s easy to forget just how annoying wearing flipflops in the shower is, but once you don’t have to it feels absolutely delightful.
  2. Not having a roommate – I have been lucky to have great roommates the past two years, but still. There is a certain luxury that comes with being able to lounge around in a zebra print onesie without feeling judged.
  3. Freedom. And I’m not talking about freedom from responsibility – though that’s great, too – but rather the freedom to walk to the bathroom in a sports bra without scandalizing anyone.
  4. Not getting an anxiety attack as a result of opening your laptop – no essays, no online lectures, just Netflix.
  5. Not hitting your head on the shower head & not having your feet hang over the edge of your bed. College is rough for tall kids.
  6. Hearing your parents say they love you is oddly more comforting than when you hear it from that drunk girl you met in the bathroom while you were brushing your teeth.
  7. Driving – if you are lucky enough to have your car at school then you might not understanding – but driving is something so many people take for granted. Nothing makes you feel more powerful than having complete control over a 3000 pound killing machine. Even if it’s only to pick up eggs for your mom.
  8. Baking – maybe I’m alone in this, but having my kitchen to bake whatever my heart desires is so comforting and relaxing.
  9. Catching up on sleep – maybe this one was a bit obvious, but I feel like a bear in hibernation and I love it. Sleep is good.
  10. No access to a gym – for some it’s a disappointment, but for other it means preventing the disappointment that usually comes from having a full gym membership that you never use, all the while watching your waistband grow. So in other words – guilt free laziness!

What are the luxuries of being home for Thanksgiving break that you think often go underappreciated?