Ten Fail-Proof Holiday Gifts!

Who is in the holiday procrastination club with me? Yes we are only a few days away from Christmas and yes I still have a lot of shopping left to do. For all of you lovely folk in the same boat – I compiled what I think are the top ten gender neutral and age neutral gifts that I think could work for almost anybody on your shopping list this holiday (or anytime that you need to buy a gift!)

So if you’re like me and have procrastinated like crazy – I truly hope this list helps you gain some inspiration!

Doing some last minute holiday shopping and you're stuck on what to buy? www.mostlymorgan.com has you covered! With a list of the top ten gender neutral gifts you're sure to find some inspiration!


This gift is so perfect because it is truly great for anyone who has any type of devices that can play music: tablet, laptop, phone, mp3 player. I will admit that I am not always as careful with my earbuds as I should be and there have definitely been some unfortunate accidents that have left me without for a while. So even if I already have a functioning pair – I am so grateful for backup! Plus, you can find a pair no matter what your price range is!


Ok, so this one is sort of boring. But there are definitely ways that you can spice it up! Just look up giving money as a gift on Pinterest and you’ll find all sorts of creative ideas! In a pizza box, wrapped around candy, or inside balloons. Honestly the options are endless and gifting it in a creative way shows that you put thought into the gift!


A lot of people might think of a journal as being a ‘girly’ gift – but I wholeheartedly disagree. Guys and girls alike have feelings, ambitions, and ideas worth recording. I’ve probably mentioned a million times how much I love jotting my thoughts down and how I have about a million different journals, notebooks, and planners devoted to a million different things. Journaling is therapeutic and it’s fun to look back on old thoughts.

‘In a Box’ Gifts:

Little gift boxes are fun and creative – and often don’t require going anywhere but your local grocery store. Some ideas for these gifts are:

  • “Sundae in a Box” – Sprinkles, fudge topping, cones, etc. Anything that goes on a sundae that doesn’t have to be refrigerated!
  • “Movie Night in a Box” – Popcorn, boxed candy, soda, and maybe a movie or two!
  •  “Cocoa Bar in a Box” – have hot cocoa, a mug, marshmallows, and anything else that might be delicious with cocoa!

So there are endless ‘in a box’ ideas – but those ones should help you get started!


Ok, I definitely have the college kid (or college kid to-be!) in mind with this one, but it works for anyone who is part of a fandom! Personally, the Friends poster I had up in my dorm last year was one of my favorite features! Giving someone a poster with their favorite band/celebrity/TV show on it shows them that you’ve taken notice of the things that they enjoy!

Shower Speaker:

This is the ultimate gift for the shower-thinkers and bubble bath takers. When I’m at home I tend to take a lot of baths because that’s not something I can do at school – and this would definitely make my baths a lot more enjoyable! Again, you can get these for anywhere from $15-$100+ so it all depends on your budget!

Homemade Treats:

If you love to bake (or at least tolerate it!) this could be a great option – you might not even have to leave your home, depending on what’s in your pantry! Chocolate chip cookies, almond bark, gingerbread cookies… your choices are endless! All you have to do is plate them up nicely and add a ribbon or bow and you have a thoughtful gift you made yourself!

An Electric Blanket:

I’ve seen so many electric blankets on sale and even though I already have one I am so tempted to buy every single one! If you haven’t used one you are missing out! I am perpetually cold and mine helps me fall asleep in the winter and sleep through the night instead of waking up freezing every hour! I highly recommend this gift!

A Framed Picture:

Of course this works best with someone you’re close to. My dorm room is full of pictures of my friends and family, so if the person you’re gifting to is a sentimental sap like I am, I can guarantee that they will love a framed picture of the two of you!

A Moto X Smartphone:

If you really want to make someone’s day – get them a Motorola Moto X Smartphone (or let them customize their own!) These phones are so great because you design them. It’s the perfect gift because it lets you customize it to your loved one’s tastes so you know that they’ll love it!

Want a completely customizable phone that is totally you? The Motorola Moto X is the way to go. With customizable colors, textures, finishes, and even engraving this phone will reflect your complex personality perfectly!

You can see the two I designed up above – a sleek all black leather one, and then a fun fuchsia colored one. I was even able to engrave ‘Mostly Morgan’ into the back! I can’t decide which one I prefer – which is your favorite?

The phone itself has a ton of awesome features in addition to being fully customizable: You are able to use your favorite apps using voice commands, it’s got a 5.2 inch HD display and a curved frame making sure it fits perfectly in your hand. Not to mention there is an amazing camera that works even in dim light and will organize your images for you! The best part? This phone is only $99 dollars with a two year contract! Want to customize your own? You can do so here!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.