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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Teach For America. All opinions are 100% mine.

You all know about my affinity for little ones by now – it has seemed to be a common theme in my posts for the past few weeks. I recently mentioned how I have always had it in my head that I would work with them in some capacity.

For a long time I wanted to be a teacher, this was mostly influenced by great teachers I had growing up. I was a shy kid with a bit of a speech impediment, so I wasn’t the most popular elementary schooler, but at the time it didn’t even matter because I was blessed with teachers that made me feel special and included.

Knowing how teachers had such a large impact in my life really pushed me to want to be able to touch the lives of other kids in that way. And while I’ve veered off on a different path, my mind wanders back to teaching now and again.

I’m committed to not committing myself to a full-time career until I know I’m getting into something I’ll love. I know that a lot of other young adults my age are in the same boat. One thing that I’ve spent a lot of time considering is Teach For America.

teach for america

Teach For America is an organization working to ensure that all kids get the education and opportunities they deserve regardless of where they live.

Teach For America is unique because they extensively train recent college grads and other professionals from all majors and backgrounds to become teachers, giving them the opportunity to change students’ lives for the better.

Whether you have a passion for helping others, you’re still playing around with career choice, or you’d like to get a hands on experience while deciding if teaching is for you, Teach For America is an incredible program that everyone should consider.

Over half of Teach For America’s teachers remain in education after their initial two years are up, but many Teach For America alumni who decided to explore different paths hold distinguished leadership roles in many different fields while continuing to be advocates for children.

Over 25 years, Teach For America alumni have led more than 1,000 schools and school systems. TFA teachers and alumni reach more than 5 million children each day! If you don’t have your life quite figured out yet, that’s absolutely fine. Most of us don’t. The best thing you can do is take your time in exploring your options and testing the water in different fields.

If you’ve ever thought about teaching, or if you’re good with kids, you should really look into starting an exciting (and life changing!) journey with Teach For America. There is a lot to consider  taking a path like this, and if you have any questions or are curious, here are a few great resources for you to look into!

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