35 Practical Wedding Registry Ideas for Couples Who Live Together

This post has been updated and republished since it’s original publication date. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s custom to create a wedding registry. Many guests like to bring the couple gifts to celebrate their new beginnings, though it’s absolutely not required, and those guests are usually going to ask where you’re registered. Garrett and I considered not creating a registry. By the time our wedding rolls around, we’ll have lived together for over two years and if I’m being honest, most of the time it feels like we have everything we need. Ultimately we decided to create one based… View Post

How to Save Money Planning a Beautiful Wedding

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Planning a wedding is expensive. I’ve always known that. But it wasn’t until Garrett and I started planning our own that I realized how quickly things begin to add up. We are fortunate that we have financial support from our families. With that said, we agreed that we didn’t want to blow a ton of money on one day. No matter how much or how little we spend, it’s going to be the best day of our lives. Neither of us thought it made sense to max out our budget when we could do some… View Post

Wedding Template Bundles on Etsy for Your DIY Wedding

Until you’re planning a wedding, it’s hard to imagine just how many little details go into it. As a guest at weddings, I’d never thought twice about the fonts on signs or the thought that went into formatting a menu. Turns out, planning my wedding these are details that I care deeply about and wedding template bundles are the superhero for this DIY bride. I’m DIY-ing so much of my wedding day both to save money and because one of my character flaws is a resistance to letting go of control. (AKA I micromanage.) The problem with DIY-ing can be… View Post

What to Wear for Engagement Pictures

Typically, I’m not one to overthink my outfits. I go for comfort and practicality, throw on a cute hat, and call it a day. When it came to planning for my engagement pictures, though, I put a lot of thought into what pieces photograph well and how to plan his and hers outfits that coordinate without giving off early 2000s family portrait vibes. After endless hours scrolling through Pinterest and pinning engagement pictures that I think nailed it. Here is the formula I’ve come up with to make sure you and your honey look in sync when you’re getting your pictures done. Break… View Post