The Best Practical Gifts We’ve Given Our Saint Bernard

It’s been almost a year since Garrett and I adopted Maisie. In that time I don’t even want to know how much we’ve spent on our baby girl. As a Saint Bernard she goes through a lot of food, a lot of chews, and has knack for destroying toys. With that said, we’ve learned a lot about what pet items stand the test of time and which ones…don’t. We’ve made our mistakes with pet beds that don’t have washable covers. (Don’t make this mistake, it will smell foul in no time!) We also learned to not buy dog toys made… View Post

How to Thrift for Gifts this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, I encourage everyone to thrift for gifts if you’re able. You’ll be giving unique presents, saving money, and helping to reduce the waste that comes with the holiday season. With that said: not all thrift finds are equal. If you’re shopping for somebody who isn’t into thrifting or “doesn’t get it” they could be put off by the idea of a second hand gift.  With that in mind, I try to keep a few rules in mind if I’m thrifting for a gift for a less thrifty (but very lovely!) recipient.  In years past, I’ve… View Post