Surviving busy days in college.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about managing your time and being intentional about what your putting your energy into because that is an area I’ve been focusing on making improvements on and I’ve been seeing a lot of progress so I want to pass my newly acquired wisdom to you.

The hardest area of my life to manage is school. Managing my time as a blogger is relatively easy: I can turn down opportunities, take mental health days when I need them, and set my own hours and deadlines. As a student it doesn’t really work that way. I can’t exactly turn down homework assignments or set my own exam dates, so instead I’ve been learning how to best deal with the deadlines put forth for me.

While my system for handling those overwhelming and stressful days isn’t exactly perfect, by implementing a few of these key tips I am able to make it through my busy days, sanity (mostly!) in tact.


Eat a good breakfast.

You are going to notice that I have a handful of food related tips in here, and I stand by the notion that food can really make you or break you during your busiest days. To get some much needed energy start your day with good carbs and sugars! My go to is oats with frozen fruit mixed in! It’s super filling, great for you, and will keep you awake through all of your classes.

IN addition to what you’re eating make sure you hydrate first thing! That fatigue you feel even though you got a good night’s sleep is likely dehydration. I start every morning off with 22 ounces of water before I do anything else, and that much needed hydration is what gets me out of bed.

Dress up.

If I am going to have a super busy, super stressful day you better bet that I’m going to look nice. I feel more confident when I look like I didn’t roll right out of bed, but also if I wear pajama-like clothes then I’m still in the ‘lounging’ mindset – something that is dangerous during busy days. This is definitely a personal preference, but if you can’t seem to stay focused or get in the zone on your crazy days, consider dressing a bit nicer than you normally would!

Keep Snacking!

Here we go again with the food. But hunger is the first thing that usually derails my focus, and I like to combat that early on. You might know that I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier lately and that has meant swapping out my usual bag of chips for more wholesome snacks.

My favorite treat to bring on the go has been goodnessknows snack squares. These babies are the new holy grail of midday snacking on the go with four snack squares per package, packing 40 calories each to give you an extra boost in energy to get through your lab! They come in three flavors highlighting peach, apple, and cranberry and paired with nuts and dark chocolate.


Listen to music.

Again, maybe it’s just personal preference but this calms me down unlike anything else. It’s nice to pop in my headphones in between classes and allow myself to just stop thinking and start relaxing. Even if it’s just a song or two on my way to class it is enough to prepare me for another hour or two of learning. A few Pandora channels that I recommend are: The Fratellis, Dia Frampton, Miranda Lambert, and Walt Disney’s Radio!

Get work done ahead of time.

If you know that Thursdays are crazy for you and you have a lab due every Friday morning, then don’t put off the lab until end of the day Thursday. Get the recurring deadlines out of the way as early as possible so that you can aren’t adding even more to your already full plate. A lot of this is just figuring out how to schedule your week, something that you should hopefully be pretty good at!

Stay focused.

On super busy days it is so easy to fall into that social media trance in the middle of class, and that’s only going to make things more difficult for you down the road. It is so important to stay focused so you don’t have a bunch of catching up to do at the end of the semester. If you are already there, you might as well be making the most of it!

What are steps that you take to make it through your super busy days? Let me know in the comments below!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.