Sunday Steals & Deals: Sunglasses under $50!

It’s that time of week again! Time for Sunday Steals & Deals where I hunt for the best prices on the internet for awesome, on trend pieces! In the past I’ve done things like swimsuits and dresses, but this week I am focusing on sunglasses.

I’ve mentioned my affinity for sunglasses here in the past, but after doing a bit of cleaning I realized that I own ten pairs of sunglasses. So while I personally don’t need anymore, I thought I could pick out a few of my favorite pairs and hopefully give you some sunglasses inspiration.

As always I stuck with the $50 budget, though there are a lot on the list that are significantly cheaper than that! And I tried to do varying styles so that everyone would be able to find something they love, but my style is definitely coming through strong with most of my selection!


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As always I am more than open to suggestions for what should be featured next week! So if you have any ideas or requests just leave them in the comments below! And tell me: What pair were your favorite? I am a big sucker for heart shaped sunglasses – I think they’re super cute! I also love aviators on other people, I just don’t think that I can pull them off myself very well.
I hope all of my American readers had a safe and fun Fourth of July, and that all of my international readers had an incredible weekend! I know I didn’t post much last week, but this week I’ve got some exciting posts planned!