Sunday Steals & Deals: Sports bras.

As always I am back again this Sunday with another Sunday Steals & Deals where I search for the best prices on popular pieces. I have done everything from dresses to swimsuits to sunglasses – but today I was in search of sports bras.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m currently in Texas with my best friend and it turns out our favorite hobby is going out to eat. We’ve had incredible sushi, the best ice cream ever (who would have known chocolate orange would be so good!?!), and delicious pho. Because I’m on vacation, I’m not eating as well as I normally would, and I’m going to have to get back into gear come Tuesday when I’m home.

On top of fixing my diet I am also going to start working out again. I always get on these workout regimes and go really hard for a week or so before fizzling out. I don’t prioritize my time well, so by the time I am ready to workout I justify skipping it because it’s right before bed. Well, no more! I am planning on getting back on track stat.

I used to run nonstop in high school, and even a bit my freshman year of college. After that a combination of injury and lost motivation kept me from getting back at it, but that needs to change! After spending the entire spring in physical therapy nursing my ankle back to health, I’m ready to test it out and try running again! I don’t know about you, but cute workout clothes are super motivating to me.

While again, I’m trying to save money so I won’t actually be buying any of these sports bras, it’s still super fun to look through them! So I picked out my favorites that are under $50 to share with you all!

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I am dying for a sports bra that is super strappy in the back! I think that they are super cute, and can be really fashionable under a scoop back top, too! What was your favorite sports bra?