Sunday Steals & Deals: Purses.

Hello everybody and happy Sunday! If you are new here, you might not know that every Sunday I bring you guys the best prices on trendy items. I’ve done dresses, hats, swimsuits, shoes, and now I’ve rounded up a ton of super cute purses under $50! I like to write this post to give me my online shopping fix without spending any actual money.

I have been scouring the internet for a new purse, because I’ve been carrying the same hot pink cross body year round since high school. I think it’s about time I find myself a ‘big girl’ purse, and I found some super cute ones to consider!

When it comes to purses, I like ones that I can get away with carrying year round, so I mostly stuck to those, although I did throw in a few seasonally appropriate ones that I absolutely loved! While we are talking about purses – does anyone have suggestions on where I can find a huge purse that I can use as a carry on? I’ve been trying to hunt one down in the $50 and under range and I haven’t had any luck yet!

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Which purse was your favorite? I really love the look of black leather and the convenience of a backpack, so the black leather backpack took the cake for me! Also, do you switch up your purses seasonally, or are you like me where you carry the same bag for forever? 
Oh, and one last question! I feature a new theme every week – what do you think next weeks theme should be?