Summer Plans!

I am sorry it’s been so quiet here for the past few days, but now I have more time than ever to work on the blog! I have been in the process of moving back home from school and unpacking, and I let my blogging duties fall a bit to the wayside. But I’m back and more than ready to create a ton of new content this summer!

Beyond blogging, I actually do have a pretty fun summer planned! I am going to keep busy and I will be blogging all about my adventures!

Summer Plans.

Making Oprah Dolla’s.

During the school year my only job is the blog, but a lot of my summer plan’s aren’t free, so that’s where a summer job comes in! And I got the best one possible. For those of you who know me, you know that there is very little that I love more in this world than babies, and this summer I will nanny for a precious baby boy! This is honestly the best job I could imagine, because playing babies is my favorite way to spend my time!

And of course I will be keeping up with the blog – working on landing exciting collaborations and reaching out to new companies. This is the best job that I could ever ask for, and I’m so excited to see where it takes me!


Back in the fall I took a solo trip to Chicago – and it was amazing! I love the sense of independence that comes with navigating your way through an unfamiliar place all alone. It was an incredible and empowering experience, so I planned two more solo travel trips!

New York!

I am so excited to go the New York for Her Conference, I will be taking a long weekend there and meeting up with some of my favorite bloggers! I am staying an extra day so I can really experience the city, so if any of you are New York natives – I would love to hear your recommendations on what I should do!


My best friend goes to school in Texas, and is staying there for most of the summer. I rarely get to see her because of the miles between us, so I am planning on flying down in late June! I will only be staying for five days or so, but I can’t wait!

I am sure that I will be taking mini-trips with my friends, too! I will be writing all about my adventures so I can remember them and you can share similar adventures with me!


I am a busy body and I always have to be working on something so it’s only natural that I have a few projects planned out. The first being a short cookbook my boyfriend and I want to write and photograph. It’s going to be geared at frugal, healthy recipes for college kids!

I am also going to really focus on my YouTube channel, because I really love making videos! I have a few ideas planned out, so expect big things to come! I am mostly thinking DIY’s, but if you have any videos you want me to make, let me know!


I love to stay busy, but I am also so excited to sleep in my big comfy bed and spend lazy days on the river. After an extremely stressful semester, I am happy to have some time to focus on destressing and calming my nerves that are still strung out from the end of the semester. And catching up on sleep, I have been sleeping a full eight hours at least every night since I’ve gotten home and I feel so much better!

What are you doing this summer? Exciting trips? Did you land your dream internship? I want to know! Tell me in the comments!