The Ultimate Guide to Prepping for an Internship!

Hey hey! Long time no chat, friends! So in case you didn’t already know this: I moved to NYC for an internship last week. I’ve been super busy, and things have been pretty unstable for me. (Still homeless, currently reporting from a storage room turned Airbnb in Brooklyn) and I really haven’t had time to do much of anything so I’ve enlisted some help.

Kathryn Hadel of Jassamine Elaine stepped in as Mostly Morgan’s first ever (!!!) guest poster, and I’m thrilled with what she had to say! With internships on the brain (mine and millennials everywhere!), Kathryn wrote the ultimate guide to preparing for your summer internship! After you finish reading her post, be sure to Insta-stalk her! She’s fab!


Hello, Readers of Mostly Morgan!

At this point in the semester, coffee has become a bona fide meal option and you’re counting down the days until final exams. For those of you who landed an internship for this summer, congratulations! Seriously, you put in a lot of hard work and now you’re reaping the reward. This past summer I interned in Washington DC at my dream internship. I was counting the days until I could drive into the city and start putting my political science knowledge to work.  The experience was incredible! However, there were a few things I wish I had done before the internship even started.

Chances are your internship is in a different city than the one you’re used to! Once you arrive you’ll be inundated with new faces, long work hours, crazy public transportation, and communal housing. Whew.

You’ve landed that dream internship, however, this doesn’t mean it’s time to just sit around and wait! There are a lot of things you can do right now to make sure this summer is as stress-free as possible.


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Hands down the biggest stress for me was figuring out my wardrobe! Is a peep-toe flat acceptable? Is casual Friday a thing? How the heck am I supposed to afford a 5 day rotation of business casual?! Have no fear, these tips will help you achieve a swoon-worthy wardrobe on a college fashionista’s budget.

  • First off, you need to find out exactly what the dress code is in the office you will be working   How you present yourself says a lot about you. Don’t mess up this great first impression opportunity! Email your intern coordinator or supervisor and inquire about the dress code. Don’t be shy; they’ll respect your go-getter attitude!
  • Now, how to look ahhhh-mazing without a huge price tag? Start scouting your local thrift store and look specifically for well-fitting blouses. Blouses are like chameleons; they can be paired with skirts or slacks and can be dressed up or down! On top of that, you can find chic blouses for as little as $1 at your local thrift store. Load up! Another great place to look for gently used (and super discounted) clothing is Poshmark. It’s a free app you download on your phone and you can search for any type of clothing you want. It’s like a non-creepy craigslist specifically for fashion enthusiasts!
  • Yay! So you’re starting to build a great foundation for your wardrobe. When shopping, remember you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you buy a variety of skirts, slacks, and shirts because you can mix and match. Also, keep in mind you’ll most likely be enjoying (errrr enduring) public transportation, #sweaty. Dry cleaning is overrated and kind of a pain, so check tags before you buy!


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  • Speaking of your commute…how are you going to get to work? If you’re in a big city you’ll probably utilize public transit. Before you arrive, get a game plan together of your morning and evening commute! I am super awkward in cities because I’m from a small town so before I started my internship I downloaded every transit app known to man. Once I arrived in DC I practiced my commute a couple times before my first day of work..better safe than sorry! If you haven’t mastered the subway/metro/rail system yet, it’s a good idea to download a (free) transit app on your phone. These are super helpful and will definitely help you get to work on time! Familiarize yourself with the different metro or bus stops near your summer housing and get a game plan together.

Know Your Area

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  • Like all beautiful summers, this one will probably fly by. You can help make the most of every single day by scouting the absolute best restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and bookstores you want to visit! Start looking at Yelp to see what the go-to spots are in your neighborhood or trendy lunch spots near your office. Don’t you just love the friend who has a fab restaurant idea for Friday night? Be that friend!

Mark Your Calendar

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  • Internships can be huge learning experiences! But let’s be real…tons of networking happens outside of the work place. You can start filling up your calendar now with tons of career-related events! Many cities have socials geared specifically for interns and young professionals. These can be lectures, Q & A sessions, or open houses hosted by experts/institutions of your chosen field. Of course, don’t forget to have a little fun now and then! Your internship stipend won’t stretch too far so be on the lookout for free concerts and festivals.

I wish you all incredible summers and hope these tips will serve you well! Don’t forget to put yourself out there, make friendships as quickly as you can, and soak up every minute!