Bringing Summer Colors into Fall

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty. All opinions are 100% mine.

Traditionally summer is the time to rock bright colors and fun shades, but as someone who is barefoot and bare faced 90% of the time during the summer months I miss out on a lot of that color play.

I’m a sucker for fall fashion so I tend to spend a bit more time putting myself together, playing around with beauty trends, and experimenting with color.

It’s harder to make color work for you in the fall months unless you’re focusing on berries and golds, but when done subtly and strategically it’s easy (and fun!) to stretch the fun colors of summer into the fall.

Sally Beauty has a  Fall Color Sale Under $10 across hair color, haircare, nails, and beauty products. Sally Beauty is my go-to for buying beauty products because they always seem to have a great sale, the ladies working are the best, and it’s less than a mile from my house – so convenient!

Right now they’re highlighting the Sizzling Sunset trend and I couldn’t be more on board!


I started off with a bare face and freshly washed hair before diving into my new goodies. It’s always a good idea to start with a clean canvas!

The first product I found at Sally Beauty was the BTZ Color Bombz in Plum Perfect because purple is my favorite color and I love playing around with my hair but permanent commitments make me nervous.


I sprayed the color through my hair and then did a fishtail braid. I then used a makeup brush to concentrate some color on individual pieces of my braid to help the color stand out because I have fairly dark hair.

The end result? I’m obsessed. I loved how subtle (but still visible!) the color was. It’s a deep enough hue that I didn’t feel like it was over the top for me, but it still gave off a fun vibe. I’ll be 100% with you guys – I was nervous to try this. The spray bottle gave me flashbacks to crazy hair days in elementary school – but the rest of the experience was nothing like that.

First off – it doesn’t turn your hair into a sticky, tangled mess like hair color sprays of childhoods past might, and it’s brushable without losing the color.


Fun fact about me: I used to be obsessed with nailpolish. Back when my only source of income was the random babysitting gig now and then I would spend an unreasonable amount of money on polishes.

I kicked the habit for a few years – I’m no good at keeping up with a manicure – but something about fall makes me feel the need to make sure that my nails are pretty and polished.

Technically it’s fall (the calendar says so, y’all!) but it’s still hot out and feels very summery so I went for an in between shade picking out China Glaze’s Jamacian Out polish. It’s a red hue with orange shimmer that is perfect for the inbetween time.


China Glaze is one of my go to beauty brands because the polishes don’t cost me a fortune, but they stay put better than the brands the do cost a fortune.


Finally I moved onto lips. I’ve always admired people who boldly and proudly rock their bright lip colors while keeping things very neutral myself. I always used the excuse that because I’ve got a babyface I just look like a little girl playing with her mom’s makeup whenever I try and do anything too bold.

That was until I saw the queen of all baby faces, Gigi Hadid, kill it with a reddish orange lip and messy hair.

So I got a little daring and picked up a Palladio Butter Me Up Sheer Color Balm in Tart – it’s sheer and buildable so not quite as bold as Queen Gigi, but this baby faced blogger needs to take baby steps in the right direction.


The trick (I’ve found) to pulling off any trend when you don’t necessarily feel like you’ve got the face for it is to keep things simple.

Instead of trying to pair orange lips with a purple smokey look and deep contour, instead I let the lips steal the show. I had a simple (and small!) cat eye with my eyeliner, but other than that things were simple.

This was my first time trying out any Palladio products, and I’m sold! The lip balm went on smoothly and had a great, buildable color payoff. One coat was a subtle, orange sheen btu a second coat made the coverage semi-opaque. Bonus points because it smells fantastic.


All three colors I added into my look were subtle and understated, even when paired together, but they worked well together and made me feel like a walking sunset. I was able to find everything I used at Sally Beauty for around twenty dollars to top things off!

Check out Sally Beauty on Sally Beauty Instagram and visit your nearest store if you haven’t already (or check online if there’s not one near you)! They have an incredible selection of products and carry great brands that a lot of people haven’t heard of yet. Be a trendsetter and introduce your friends to the best new products.

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