End of summer beach day essentials.

I have such mixed feelings on this time of year. On one hand the weather is beautiful, the stationary aisles are stocked full for back to school, and I’ve had a great summer full of family, friends & relaxation. But on the other hand the stress of school is looming just overhead. There is a lot of pressure this time of year to finish everything on my summer bucket list and I’m not even close. The biggest thing I want to do is have a beach day with my friends.

Of course, living in the midwest, it’s probably not the beach day that you’re imagining. But we have rivers and lakes so I’m sure we can come up with something – but time is ticking! Two weeks from today I’ll be moving into my first apartment (eep!) and starting the fall semester of my Junior Year. This is my last truly stress free summer before I enter the scary world of GRE’s and grad school applications and I want to squeeze every drop of fun I can into it!

So with that said, I am planning the perfect beach day and I thought I would share some of my must haves with you!

Beach Towels.

sneak peek mhi

So bringing towels to the beach is definitely a no brainer – but let me tell you about my new favorite towels! The lovely ladies at Tribe of Us sent me these Round Beach Towels and I’m obsessed. First of all, as you all know I’m crazy about Instagram and these made for the perfect photo op. But more than that the qualities are beautiful quality and the perfect size for laying out and relaxing in the sun!

A cooler.

A lot of beaches have snack bars and places where you can buy drinks, but there you’ll be spending a fortune on something you could otherwise get for a dollar or two. So stock up on water and healthy snacks to keep you hydrated and your energy levels up!


This is another self-explanatory one that so many people ignore! Your skin is so important so take care of it! Even if you have a ‘base tan’ or you don’t burn, the sun is still damaging to your skin! Unprotected sun exposure puts you at risk for skin cancer and ages you a lot faster! So slather it on, friends!

A good book.

After playing in the waves a lot of times you might just want to relax and unwind before packing it up and calling it a day – this summer I’ve been really into reading, so if you want any book recommendations, let me know!


Summer is almost over so take this time to have your final hurrah! The beach is a wonderful, fabulous place no matter what – but it’s even better if you’re there with your favorite people!

Do you have any big adventures on your ‘to-do’ list before the summer is over? First let me know what they are (please!) and then go forth and get it done! Time is running out!

Thank you so much Michael Herrick Imaging for being my awesome photographer, and to Tribe of Us for allowing me to try you fabulous towels!