Styling Your Hair with Hair Extensions

Rewind two summers ago and my hair was to my butt. Last summer it wasn’t much shorter.  Now my hair is pretty short, hitting at midchest.

While I don’t miss rolling over on my hair while I slept, ponytails that weighed more than I did, or knots the size of my fist sometimes I do miss the fun beachy hairstyles that could be accomplished with miles of hair.

Throwback to having hair for years.

So while I love my shorter, far more manageable hair, there have been times when I really wished I could have long hair again just for a day.

So when Irresistible Me asked if they could send me some hair extensions to try out I was all for it.

I’ve never tried hair extensions before so I was a bit worried about how the whole process would go, but it turns out hair extensions are pretty intuitive to use.

With that said I couldn’t come up with a way to gracefully show you how to put your hair extensions on, so instead here is a video by Bronte Jones you might find helpful (starts at about 4:00):

Now! I thought that I’d show you three different hairstyles that benefit from the extra length and volume that hair extensions provide.

I ended up picking out the 24″ Royal Remy Hair Extensions in Royal Light Brown, but there are a ton of shades and lengths to chose from!

The Classic


So of course here is the most basic thing you can do with extensions is just add length. I have mine curled because I find they blend in better that way and it gives an entirely different look than when I curl my current length of hair.

If you are going to be curling or straightening hair extensions, make sure that they are high quality and use real human hair or you might ruin them! My Irresistible Me extensions handled the curls like a champ (and a week after taking these pictures my extensions are still perfectly curled) and they stayed silky.

If you don’t have human hair extensions, don’t despair! You can use a heatless curl method to get bounce and body into your extensions. Consider wetting your extensions and then putting them in hair rollers or braiding them overnight.

With that said, this is pretty basic and doesn’t require much “how-to” so on to the next!

Milkmaid Braids


My senior year of high school I rocked the half milkmaid braids a lot and I really have missed them since my hair was short.

They are so easy to do with extensions, though. I fastened to sets of the single clip extensions to a towel and braided down their length and tied it off with a band.

Then I clipped a braid behind each ear, crossed the braids over the top of my head, and bobby pinned into place.

Even if you do have enough hair to do these without extensions, they are great to use because you get to keep full volume at the bottom of your hair and your braids can be as full as you’d like.



If I try to put braids in my hair at it’s current length my aesthetic ends up being “8-year-old going to soccer” instead of “bohemian chic going to the beach” and I love braids.

I think the longer your hair is the easier braids are to get away with. I also tried fishtail braids, and while a lot of my real hair ended up sticking out and looking like a mess, if I had hair pomade to hold those fly-aways in place it would have ended up being a really cool look.

Do you have any experience with hair extensions? Let me know what you thought! Love them or leave them?

Irresistible Me sent me extensions to consider for posting, I am not being compensated.