Sunday Steals & Deals: Summer Shoes Under $50.

I am back with my third installment of Sunday Steals & Deals, where I bring you the best deals on trending pieces! I’ve done dresses and hats, and now this week I am featuring summer shoes! In theory I am a shoe person, but when it comes down to it I live in my cushy Nike flip flops. But on days when I get past my laziness and actually put myself together I will pair my outfit with a cute pair of wedges or boots!

I focused on finding sandals under $50 during today’s fashion hunt, because this summer weather is getting intense! I stuck with the same $50 benchmark I’ve used the past two weeks, though I might play around with that in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think! Should I bring that down to $25? Or maybe bump it up a bit?

Looking for cute shoes for this summer? I've got you covered! I found a ton of cute shoes for under $50 - check them out on the blog!

As always, some of the items I found are on sale, so their prices aren’t guaranteed to stay under $50, but as of publishing time all items are either cheap to begin with or on sale! I am pretty proud, I found some really steep discounts this week. There is one pair of shoes marked down to $24 from almost $100!

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Let me know what shoes were your favorites! I am crazy about the short Mia gladiators for fashion, but for functionality those yoga mat sandals look SO comfortable! I will probably end up buying a pair or two off of this list to carry me through the summer!
Also let me know if you want me to focus on a certain fashion piece in the coming weeks – I’m eager to hear what you’re interested in!