St. Louis Fashion Week: Days 3 & 4

*Thanks to Ashley Kuenstler of all of the great pictures!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m starting the weekend off right by finishing up my tale about my time in St. Louis for Fashion Week! This time last week I was taking in all of the excitement that the city had to offer, and now I’m sitting in bed wishing I were back. So before I start planning my return trip I thought I could share some of the amazing places I visited last weekend to give you some travel inspo!

Day Three of St. Louis Fashion Week!

After the excitement of the night before, waking up was hard so day three called for my go to all black everything outfit – easy but a classic! The first thing we did was go to Naturalizer – home of the comfiest shoes ever!  We munched on pastries while shopping their amazing collection.

After trying on a handful of styles, I settled on a pair of short heeled booties pictured below (and featured in just about every single Instagram since!) I’ve never had a pair of heeled boots that were still comfortable to walk in. I’ve worn these to class and it’s almost a half mile trek to get there!

Next was time for a traditional Dim Sum Brunch at Lulu’s Seafood and it was amazing. We gathered around a huge round table with a Lazy Susan type fixture on top where the food was placed. A lot like the dinner at Element the night before, we all shared a bunch of large plates. The dishes ranged from noodles, to duck, to dumplings and everything in between. I was able to try a lot of dishes I’d never experienced before and they were phenomenal!


From lunch we had the amazing opportunity for an artist meet and greet with Fantich & Young – the artists behind an amazing exhibit called Darwinian Voodoo. Their pieces were ulike anything I’d ever seen, and so carefully crafted too! Most of the pieces were adorned with human teeth to create a really cool texture and visual interest.

Beyond the great art, the artists themselves were so kind! It would be easy for anyone with that much talent to be big-headed or arrogant, but they were so down to earth and open to answering any questions.

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After a short break where (again) I caught up on homework we stopped at Fauxgerty for sushi and shopping. Fauxgerty is a really cool store that sells vegan products including amazing leather jackets. The jackets come in an array of colors, plus some of them had awesome paintings on the back done by one of the owners of the store! There were a few things in there that are definitely on my wish list!

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We made another stop to visit the Fantich & Young exhibit one more time for the actual opening and it was packed. Everyone was so excited about their exhibit, and it was really cool to be there and feel the energy! I really could go on for far longer than anyone wants me to about how amazing their creations are!


The night closed with a really fantastic dinner at Central Table with the Missouri Eating Disorders Council. We enjoyed delicious food and were able to listen to some incredible speakers open up about how eating disorders have impacted their life – be it their own on that of a loved one. The conversation was really great, and I will be continuing the dialogue here on the blog in the next week or so.


Day Four of St. Louis Fashion Week.

I think that everyone’s heart was a bit heavy by now, knowing that it would be our last day in the incredible city experiencing everything that St. Louis Fashion Week had to offer. We had the morning for ourselves, so us girls decided to explore St. Louis a bit and made our way to a restaurant called Rooster. We giggled and bonded over brunch (and forgot to take pictures!) before making our way to Living Collective’s pop up shop.

Living Collective has really cool and unique pieces from different designers all over. I was able to find a really nice striped shirt with a mock neck (two of my favorite things!) I would have a picture for you, but I spilled food on it within fifteen minutes of putting it on, but it will be in a future OOTD on Instagram!


From there we made our way to a truly one of a kind store called Skif. The shop was full of handmade pieces that are made onsite by some of the most truly creative and talented people that I’ve encountered. The walls were lined with sewing machines, looms, painting stations, and that’s not even counting the creative space upstairs! We spent well over an hour there, but I feel like there was so much I didn’t see and I’d love to go back and explore some more!

After Skif we had another break, so the bloggers went to Jennie’s Ice Cream, a shop that all of the local bloggers had been absolutely raving about. Jennie’s didn’t disappoint – I had their raspberry sorbet paired with their dark chocolate ice cream and it was so incredible!

The festivities ended at Ball Park Village where we had an amazing dinner at Budweiser Brew House before going upstairs to How at the Moon to listen to live dueling pianos.

St. Louis Fashion Week was one of the most amazing experience of my life, and I’m so thankful that I was given the opportunity to go. I met some of my favorite girls there, and was able to really explore St. Louis more than I’d have been able to had I just gone alone. If you’ve never been, or St. Louis isn’t on your bucket list then it should be! It’s an amazing city full of great people, great food, and a really great vibe!

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Explore St. Louis and STLFW, but all comments are my own.