St. Louis Fashion Week: Days 1& 2

I gave you a little peak into my experience at St. Louis Fashion week on Monday with a new Instagram Lately, but today I want to go all sorts of in depth and give you the play by play, because St. Louis was amazing. The food, the people, the site seeing – everything was so much better than I had even imagined. Get ready for a picture heavy post, because Ashley took some amazing photos and I can’t pick just a few.

Day 1 of St. Louis Fashion Week!

After spending the day traveling to the city I finally made it to St. Louis Union Station, and it is beautiful. As soon as you walk in you’re met with amazing architecture and painted glass windows that cast an amazing glow – and that in itself was a good omen for the rest of the week.

Thanks to a few train delays I was in a bit of a rush getting ready for the night’s festivities, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the luxury that was my hotel room. Coming from my tiny room in my college apartment to my room at St. Louis Union Station – I was in heaven.


I rushed to get fancy (no one needed to see me in my travel get up) and made my way down to the lobby to meet the rest of the girls on the trip – after a minute or two of awkward introductions we clicked and for the rest of the trip anyone looking in would swear that we were old friends. We piled into two cars and made our way to The Tiny Bar – and it lived up to it’s name. While a lot of the other girls had a few pre-show cocktails, this baby blogger sipped on water and met a few of the local bloggers who were also in the under 21 club.

From Tiny Bar, we went back to St. Louis Union Station to watch the Emerging Designer Showcase where I had to stop for a quick picture in front of the amazing Caleres’ light up shoe wall!

Had to stop for a quick pic in front of Caleres’ light up shoe wall!

The show itself was absolutely phenomenal – while I walked in College Fashion Week this time last year, I had never actually been in the audience of a show, much less in the front row! All of the designers were amazing – the pieces that went down the runway were simply stunning. The standout designer for me was Houghton – I instantly fell in love with their bright white color scheme and the airy designs – and they ended up winning the competition!

20151104_194923 (1)

To end the night we made our way to 360 St. Louis which was the coolest location I’ve ever seen! It’s on top of a huge building and allows you to see all of St. Louis! The event was hosted by Socially Jen who was just an amazing hostess! The party was absolutely so darling – everyone got a take out box to fill with candy, the food was incredible, and we were all gifted bracelets with an inspirational or powerful word engraved.


Everyone went crazy over those bracelets – and all of them seemed to carry a very personal message for each individual – mine said ‘balance’ which is something I’ve really been working on in my life -and I’ve been wearing the bracelet as an every day reminder to find balance and stop overwhelming myself with commitment. Hearing everyone talk about how their bracelet related to their life was a really fun end to the night on the ride home!

Day 2 of St. Louis Fashion Week!

Day two started out with a small change of plans that led to one of my favorite parts of the trip! A breakfast was postponed and that opened up our schedule to explore St. Louis a bit, so we took a Fun Tyme Limo (which was actually a party bus and so much fun!) to City Garden for some blogger bonding and a bit of an impromptu photo shoot.




After a sufficient amount of selfies and group shots were taken, we all piled back in the party bus where many giggles were had. The bus came equipped with plenty of champagne for the other bloggers, and sprite for me so I could at least pretend.


Our next stop was The Vault, a really trendy high end resale shop that carries amazing pieces. I resisted the temptation to buy them out, and was able to contain myself and only pick up two things: A Kate Spade Purse and a fab new ring that you can see on my Instagram here.

So excited to be buying my first big kid purse!


After our shopping trip we took a short ride to Katie’s Pizza and Pastaria which was by far the best pizza place I’ve ever been to, and unlike any restaurant I ever ate at. Katie really gave us the VIP treatment, letting us try countless dishes. If I could eat at Katie’s everyday – I probably would because their food is phenomenal.


The lunch was also sponsored by The Normal Brand, a clothing company straight out of St. Louis that has some of the nicest men’s fashion I’ve seen. The guys who started the brand were super nice and ready to answer any questions, and the clothes were super high quality. I was able to snag a super cool hat with a bear on it that I’ve worn walking to class every day since I’ve gotten back!

St. Louis Fashion Week kept us all super busy, but after lunch we did have time for a small break that I spent catching up on homework before getting ready for the next event at Element. Here we had an amazing small plates meal – which meant we all got our own plate, but the food was brought out on one big plate to be shared. There were nearly a dozen different courses and the food was so great I was able to eat all of them even after stuffing myself at Katie’s.



The lovely people at Joya were hosting us at Element, and it was amazing getting to hear all about their company. Joya is a subscription box where the items inside are handmade by women all over the world, and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit women’s causes world wide.

After the enjoy an amazing meal and even better company at Element we had one more stop before calling it a night. One of the big events during St. Louis Fashion Week is Wear It St. Louis where a handful of designers are able to showcase their talents in a competition to win a $5000 prize. My favorite design didn’t win, but we were able to snag a picture with the model!


Wear it St. Louis concluded day two of St. Louis Fashion Week, and I think it’s safe to say that we were all absolutely exhausted after the day’s exciting festivities. I ended every night with a bubble bath (that’s a luxury for this college girl!) and I fell asleep as soon as I hit the mattress.

I’ll be posting all about the end of St. Louis Fashion Week tomorrow, so stick around!

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Explore St. Louis and STLFW, but all comments are my own.