Social media mistakes bloggers make (And what to do instead.)

It’s so important for bloggers to be on top of their social media game, and it’s something that I have been working really hard  at lately. In my pursuits to improve my social media channels I’ve been researching by looking at other bloggers and seeing what they do. By doing this I’ve figured out what works, and what doesn’t work.

A lot of bloggers are making silly mistakes on social media that are holding them back! Check out what you can do about them on the blog!

On Facebook.

Oh Facebook. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Facebook is the bane of my blogging existence. With ever changing algorithms and an unreachable audience Facebook gives me so many headaches. But it’s necessary. Unfortunately.  

The mistake: The mistake I see so many bloggers making (myself included) is not being active. Facebook is so discouraging when it’s only showing your posts to 10% of your audience, but it’ll never get better if you don’t use it.

What to do instead: Post on Facebook every day multiple times. I try to do twice, though I’ve been bad lately. One post is promoting one of my own posts, and the other is sharing viral content. What is viral content? It’s that cute picture or video that you’ve seen posted in your timeline 100 times today. I used to think ‘I won’t share that because everyone has already seen it.’ But as it turns out sharing viral content makes my reach sky rocket.

On Instagram.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media channel. Seeing people’s lives through pictures is so appealing to me! And sharing my life in pictures is fun, too! While it doesn’t drive a ton of traffic to my blog, it definitely helps build my brand!

The mistake: So many bloggers post ugly pictures. There, I said it. They are poorly lit, out of focus, or messy. Instagram is where you share the best of the best. People go there to see beautiful pictures, not a selfie you took in your car with the self facing camera at 11:00 at night.

The other mistake: Posting too many pictures! If I’m scrolling through my feed and someone I follow has posted 13 pictures of the same thing from different angles I will quickly unfollow. Like I said, Instagram is the best of the best. You can post an entire album on Facebook, but be pickier on Instagram.

What to do instead: First off (shameless plug) check out this post I wrote about making a theme for your Instagram! There I talk about picking pretty pictures, making them consistent, and just having a beautiful feed in general. Also focus on being conscious about what you post. If you were exploring and saw that picture, would you be tempted to follow the poster?

On Twitter.

I am finally starting to like Twitter. It used to confuse me like no other, but I’m figuring it out! Twitter is the best platform for making a connection with your readers and other bloggers!

The mistake: Being spammy. So many bloggers use Twitter for self promotion and nothing else. If you’re only tweeting out links to your latest post and nothing else – you’re not using Twitter right!

What to do instead: Twitter is for conversation – so reach out to other bloggers and make a connection! Tweet relatable content and let your followers get to know you! If you’re only tweeting a generic description and a link, people are going to think that you are boring and spammy!

The takeaway.

You just need to be conscious in what you’re posting! Once you start figuring out what works then you can start developing habits and posting quality content onto your social media will be a no brainer! If you’re ever stuck, look to the pros and see how they are using social media!