Get Over Your Selfie: Join #TheUsProject!

This post brought to you by Soffe. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mostly Morgan. Instagram is hands down my favorite social media platform because I feel like you can learn a lot more about people through photos than you can through status updates or tweets, and it is interesting to see the world through somebody else’s eyes. My Instagram is certainly my most personal social media account and one where I feel that people can best get to know me.

One of my all time favorite pictures! #Cousins #TheUsProject

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When I’m on Instagram and have finished scrolling through all of the new pictures on the homepage, I will often go to the explore feature. Here my feed is typically flooded with selfie after selfie. In fact, over a million selfies are posted every single day and while on the surface there is nothing inherently wrong with selfies, they can cause some problems. Over a quarter of the pictures that college aged people post are selfies, and many of these people admit to digitally altering their photos in efforts to improve their appearance. This only leads to feelings of inadequacy and is actually associated with the rise in plastic surgery in people under 30.


Poster2 In an effort to combat the selfie epidemic, Soffe has launched a new movement titled #TheUsProject movement that aims to use social media to bring us together rather than pitting ourselves against each other. The movement is encouraging people to replace selfies with a statement that says ‘”we’ makes ‘me'” because together, we can make a more beautiful picture. If you want to take part in #TheUsProject movement, just post a picture of yourself with friends to Instagram and hashtag #TheUsProject, and my account, so I can see all of your entries! The winners will be receiving some of the awesome #TheUsProjectApparel pictured below! Shirt3Shirt1 Infographic Visit Sponsors Site