How to Save Money on Textbooks.

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Before we get started I want to get something out of the way. Repeat after me:

I solemnly swear to never ever waste my money buying textbooks from the campus bookstore. Ever.

Ok. Good. Campus bookstores are put into place for one reason, and one reason only: to take your hard earned money. When it comes to buying textbooks there are so many better options. Last last I would have spent nearly 1600 dollars if I would have bought all of my books at the campus bookstore (and that’s cheap compared to some majors!) but using the tactics I’m about to share with you, my grand total was well under 500 dollars.

Textbooks are disgustingly overpriced and those prices are only soaring. Luckily, I've got a ton of great tips (and a HUGE discount!) for you to get your textbooks for cheaper!

Check Facebook.

Chances are your college has a number of Facebook pages for different purposes: for your class to mingle, for your major to collaborate, and for completely random things like scheduling snowball fights in the winter.

Your task is going to be either finding or creating a Facebook page for your college that has the sole purpose of allowing students to sell and buy old textbooks. A lot of people are willing to part with their $200 book for a quick $20, and after the semester is over you can complete the cycle by selling it again.

Rent your textbooks.

My classes have always needed the most recent version of the required textbook, so Facebook hasn’t always worked out so well for me, but renting my textbooks from Chegg has been a life (and money) saver. They have had every textbook I’ve ever needed, and at an awesome price, too!

I’ve used and loved Chegg for 3 semesters (I was foolish my first semester) and that’s why I’m teaming up with them to bring all of you lovely folk an awesome (and exclusive!) discount! Follow this link and you can get 25% off your textbook rentals plus thirty minutes of free tutoring! That’s huge!

Share with a friend.

This only works if both you and your friend are actually going to follow through. This worked really well for me this past semester when I had several classes with one of my best friends on campus. Neither of the classes were textbook heavy, so I refrained from buying one and just used hers when I needed to.

Don’t buy your textbook without checking if it’s necessary.

I’ve wasted so much money on textbooks that I haven’t even opened. The professor is always going to tell you need it, but you should check with your major’s Facebook page or Rate My Professor, and there you’ll find the truth.

How do you save money on textbooks? It’s a question every college student in America is dying to know the answer to!