Meet My Puppy: I Adopted a Saint Bernard

Things have been quiet lately on my corner of the internet, mostly because things have been so crazy in my real life. And 99% of that craziness comes from the newest addition to Garrett and I’s household: our Saint Bernard Puppy, Maisie.

Garrett and I adopted our sweet girl from a farmer near Springfield, Illinois in January and she’s been filling our life with excitement, sleepless nights, and puppy kisses ever since.

Meet my new puppy, Maisie! She is a four month old Saint Bernard and an absolute angel.

I sat down and filmed a big ol’ Maisie video on YouTube and talked about Saint Bernards as a breed, too, that you can check out here. Otherwise, enjoy a few of my favorite Maisie pictures from the past month.

Our biggest worry was how her big brothers, Gherkin and Lemon, would react, but luckily they’ve been quick to adjust.

We’ve been taking Maisie to weekly puppy classes to help teach her manners and get her socialized, but in typical Saint Bernard fashion, our stubborn girl likes to flop over halfway through class and take a nap.

She’s happiest when she’s snacking on apples or getting belly rubs from her dad, and she has a blast exploring her big back yard even in the freezing weather we’ve been getting lately.

We have this picture posted up on the wall at a local coffee shop, Maisie is in the running for the cutest dog in the Quad Cities! There is another Saint Bernard on the board that we’re trying to hunt down and meet up with for a playdate, too!

Yes, we are those dog parents who made their fur pal their own Instagram, you can follow her at @Maisietheadventuredog. Does your dog have an Instagram? Drop us a link so we can follow along!

And if you have ever had a Saint Bernard, let us know all of your puppy tips! Garrett grew up with one, but we’ve been having a blast learning more about the breed, their tendencies, and their sweet personalities.