My Reflections on NaBloPoMo.

Sorry that you haven’t heard from me in a few days! You may be thinking I needed a blogging detox after NaBloPoMo – but that’s not quite the case. I love blogging and last month was such a great challenge for me! Unfortunately now that I’m back at school again after Thanksgiving things picked up swiftly. As in I can count on my hands how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten the past three days. So that’s why I have been quite since Sunday – but now I’m back!

Before I reflect on NaBloPoMo I want to share my new posting schedule! Tentatively I will be posting Monday-Thursday without fail, and perhaps on Friday-Sunday if I’m feeling extra inspired! November taught me that it’s just not practical to post everyday here because I can’t balance all of my commitments, publish quality posts every day, and get enough sleep – I can only do two. But four days shouldn’t be too bad!

My reflections!

If you hadn’t already guessed it – NaBloPoMo stressed me out just a little. Not too bad, and not until the end! But there was definitely stress involved. I had a lot of posts prewritten which helped, but those dried up at the end of the month which was coincidentally the same time I had about a billion commitments and a huge paper due.

Despite the stress it was an awesome experience! I met a lot of awesome bloggers who were doing the challenge too, and I was able to beef up the blog a little bit – that way there is more for readers to explore! Something else that I found fun was venturing into fashion blogging and beauty blogging – two domains I had never tried before!

I tallied up how many words I wrote and the grand total for the month of November was 18,058! Which was actually a lot less than I expected! I tend to be long winded so a ton of my posts are over 1,000 words, but with the pressure to post every day a lot of mine were admittedly shorter.

I definitely think that I will do NaBloPoMo next year, too! The only difference is that I am going to start preparing way in advance.

Did you do NaBloPoMo? How did you do?