10k Training Status Update + Motivation

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

This summer I have been focused on making conscious changes to improve my health and well being. I’m eating better, sleeping more, and working out. Several weeks ago I told you all about Mountain Athletics from The North Face’s Training App. I’ve been using that religiously to get back into shape and prepare for a 10k that I am running this fall. I am so excited to report on my progress and hopefully inspire you all to finally try the app out!

The Results.

Let me just say that I’ve gotten strong. I’ve never actually been truly strong before, but I have full body strength. From years as a runner I have always had a powerful lower body paired with pitiful arms. But not anymore! I’ve never done more planks, push ups, or burpees in my entire life, and I’m better for it. I’ve always known that I could improve my times and efficiancy running if I focused more on strength rather than making every day a long, leisurely run day.

The App.

This app is no joke! When you start you will quickly realize just how intense it is. I am going to be completely honest and say that I underestimated it by a lot. I figured that it would be sort of difficult and definitely beneficial, but I never imagined that some days I would be struggling to finish. If you want a complete read up on the app you can check that out here, but I’ll provide you a short little recap! Basically the app gives you a new workout everyday. I chose the running program, so my workouts focused on building strength and speed. As somebody who hated strength training, I was a bit caught off guard with how much there was, but after seeing new definition and muscle tone, I’m obsessed with strength training!

My final goal.

Like I said, I’m training for a 10k in a few months, so even though my I’ve finished the training on the app, I need to continue pushing myself until race day. The North Face hosts free training events every two weeks that I am dying to attend! I think attending one will help motivate me to keep pushing myself if I fall into a slump, not to mention that it would be hard to slack surrounded by a ton of other people pushing themselves!

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