Keeping a Positivity Journal.

In my Loving Yourself post, I mentioned keeping a positivity journal, and how therapeutic it has been for me. Throughout my year of blogging I have mentioned journaling several times in different posts, and I’ve talked about how I keep separate journals for different things. I have a poetry journal I started for a creative writing class, a journal where I write stream of conscious summaries of my day, and if I am angry or upset, I write about that in a folder on Google Docs, because hearing the clanking of the keys as I angrily type is actually quite soothing.

Keeping a positivity journal is a fantastic way to show yourself love and treat yourself right! If you want to know how to get started, check out!

Those are all fine, and I love writing in each of them, but I realized I didn’t have a journal just for positivity. A place where I can store all of the good things that happen to me, all of my big dreams for the future, and all of the quotes that leave me feeling content and inspired. I had a journal the lovely folks at Minted gifted me laying around for several months, and the idea of a positivity journal spoke to me so I was finally able to put it to good use.

Key Pages:

  • I am Morgan. (Here I plan on getting to know myself a bit better. I will add ‘I am’ phrases to it as I better analyze who I am and my strong personality traits.
  • I’m proud of myself for… Here I am listing the things (big or small!) that I am proud of myself for. Having pride doesn’t mean the same thing as being conceited. Being proud of yourself is wonderful, and it’s something we should all aim for.
  • My Dreams. Here I have a list of some of my big dreams in life!
  • Things that Make me Happy. This is one of my favorites! It’s just a huge list of things that have made me smile!!
  • Quotes. I have been finding quotes I like on Pinterest and Tumblr and copying them down there. My favorite so far is:
    “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”
    Reading that one has really just inspired me and I’ve been trying to be extra nice and attentive to everyone!
  • Good news of the day: If something extraordinary happens I will copy it down here and add a date so that I can look back on it!
  • Blog and YouTube ideas! Blogging is such a positive thing in my life right now, I had to add it to my journal!


Of course those are just to get you started! I have a lot more but they are more catered to me as an individual. I have a page for blog milestones and cool things I learn in my major. So of course add your own personal touches to yours, and start filling it up with things that make you smile!

Have you ever kept a positivity journal? Did you notice a positive change in your life because of it?