DIY Yarn Pom-Poms

Today marks the first day of snow here at UIUC, which means that the hats, scarves, and gloves have come out.  So chances are a lot of you are digging out last winter’s supplies, making emergency trips to the store, or if you are particularly crafty, perhaps you’ve been crocheting or knitting your own. Regardless, adding pom-poms to spruce up your usual winter gear is cheap, easy, and quick.

How to make DIY yarn pom-poms, perfect for attaching to hats, using as pet toys, or sensory toys for your children!

They are beyond simple to make, and each one only takes a minute or two, so you can whip out a whole bunch in no time at all. If you note in the pictures, different weights of yarn give a different effect. The pink is baby yarn, the maroon is quick-ease wool, and the blue and grey are different size acrylics. Personally the quick-ease yarn is my favorite!


The craft store has an odd plastic contraption advertised to help you make these, but really all you need is yarn, scissors, and your own two hands. As mentioned above, be aware that different yarns will create different puff balls. Wool yarn is going to make really nice, plush balls, while any acrylic or tightly wound ball is going to have a less cohesive look.


Picture 1: First you just need to wind the yarn around two fingers (try to leave space between your fingers to make the next step easier!) The more yarn you use, the bigger and more dense the ball will be, which is in my opinion, very desirable!

Picture 2: Now cut the yarn and use the end still attached to your ball to weave it in between your fingers, underneath your yarn. From there you just want to tie a super tight knot, wrap it around several more times as tightly as possible, and then tie another few knots to secure it all.



The top picture is what it should look like after you remove it from your fingers (you can do this after the first knot!) And once you are sure it’s nice and secure just cut the loops! If it looks awkward it might be because you either need to fluff it up or trim uneven strands. Just play around with it!


  • If you want bigger pom-poms, use three or four fingers instead! But remember to use extra yarn so it’s still super full!
  • For tiny pom-poms you can use a fork and imagine the fork as your four fingers and use the same process. You’ll need thinner yarn, though!
  • To attach them to knit items you just need to use a small tapestry needle to thread yarn through the knots you tied, then sew it onto the garment like normal.

How is the weather where you are? Are you pulling out the winter gear?