Making My Talk Show Debut + My Tips

I interrupt your usual June travel–related programming to share an exciting update…

I was interviewed on Live TV today!

Locally, we have a talk show called Paula Sands Live that I grew up watching after school. Paula is as much of a Quad Cities staple as John Deere Headquarters or the Mississippi River is, so when I was invited to be on the show I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Paula Sands Lives features local people, events, charities, businesses, and everything in between and gives them a platform to talk about whatever it is that they do.

Blogging isn’t as much of a thing in the Midwest as it is on the coasts, and so the team was interested in hearing about my blog, how I got started, and how I grew.

If you’re interested in watching the segment, it’s only a few minutes long and not nearly as awkward as I feared it’d be:

Now, if I were to have to describe my weak points, they’d be that I can tend to be a bit socially awkward and soft spoken, so this was waaaay out of my comfort zone. In fact, my stomach was in knots for days leading up to the show, but I think it went off fairly smoothly!


With that said, here is what I learned from being on the show and rewatching the interview:

  • When in doubt, smile! Smiling looks less awkward than looking confused about what you should be doing.
  • Forget about the cameras. No, really. Paula is a pro and it almost felt like we were just chatting, if it weren’t for those pesky cameras in the perephials. It’s easy to psych yourself out when things are live, but when it comes down to it, your host will be able to save you if you turn into a rambling mess and it’s going to be pretty darn hard to embarrass yourself.
  • You’re an expert and that’s why you’re there. You know about your topic so it’s going to be hard for them to throw you curveballs. Say what you know and don’t worry about tricky questions. They want you to look good so the audience doesn’t get that awkward feeling of second hand embarrassment.
  • Talk slow! This is where I always flubb up. When I’m nervous I talk fast, it’s my tell. In my head I was saying “talk slow, talk slow, talk slow.” but physically I was talking a mile a minute.