DIY Paint Chip Wall Art.

My roommate and I have finally gotten an ideal setup for the furniture in our room, but during the rearranging, all of the wall decor got torn down, so we were able to start fresh. Prior to the extreme dorm makeover (back when our beds were six feet tall and we had a huge, ugly wall of furniture) I had the stereotypical paint chip wall. While I will admit they are cool I had two problems with it:

  • The wall was just overwhelming – it was too loud and really didn’t go with the rest of the room!
  • It felt overdone. Everyone has the same paint chip wall art so I wanted to switch it up!

So, I decided to get a little crafty. To tone down the “in your face-ness” of it all I wanted to go small scale, and I thought a tessellation of triangles would be a lot cooler than just pasting the squares up as is (and I was right!)

Last night I got to work measuring, folding, cutting, and arranging the paint chips. This morning I puttied them to the wall and I am quite pleased with how it looks! My next step will be adding some more decoration, but I haven’t quite planned that out yet!

Check out so you can see how to make this easy, diy paint chip wall art!

Since looking at it is pretty self explanatory I am not going to bore you with too much detail, but I will give you a quick run down on the steps I took to create the pattern!

Organize your Paint Chips.

To start off, I organized my chips in a rainbow pattern, ending with the addition of pink. It made the entire project easier to have them in order already because instead of organizing tons of little triangles, I had to do half of the work.

Measure & Cut each Paint Chip.

If you haven’t collected paint chips yet – I recommend getting them all from the same company so they are uniform. If (like me) you didn’t have the foresight to do so, you are going to have a little bit of extra work. But no fear – it’s nothing too tough! All you’re going to need to do is find your narrowest size and measure it’s width. Take note of the width (lets say it was three inches,) and measure the length and mark at 3 inches up. Now you are going to want to cut across the line so you have a 3×3 paint chip. Now you want to cut all of them to 3×3.

Check out so you can see how to make this easy, diy paint chip wall art!

Make Triangles from each paint chip.

Heres where you can either fold each paint chip square corner to corner (what I did!) or trust yourself to cut from corner to corner so that you have two identical triangles from each square. Keep these triangles together to save yourself from sorting through later!

Check out so you can see how to make this easy, diy paint chip wall art!

Lay Them Out & Measure.

I laid all of mine out on the floor and measured how long they would be so that I knew how they would hit on my wall, allowing me to center them a little better. This is optional, but highly recommended!

Paste them up!

Now for the exciting (and tedious) part! I used poster puddy, because in the dorms we aren’t allowed to use tape, but tape would have made this so much easier. Step down every now and then so you can make sure they are straight. It is easy for the paint chips to look good when you are up close, but once you step down you’ll notice problems! So just take breaks to make sure it’s going according to plan.

Check out so you can see how to make this easy, diy paint chip wall art!


I am really excited about how the paint chip wall art turned out! Have you guys done any variations on the traditional paint chip wall art?