Origami Owl – Jewelry that Tells a Story!

There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest times of the year to be giving gifts – between graduations, weddings, and mothers day, chances are that you have at least one or two people that you’ve been brainstorming gift ideas for. Personally, a lot of people in my life are hard to shop for and I’ve been trying for ages to figure out what might make the perfect for most anyone on my list. And I think I finally found it. If you haven’t heard of Origami Owl before now – brace yourself because you are going to be blown away.

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My cousin Carrie introduced me to Origami Owl, a super cool brand that she works with that sells lockets customized to yours or a loved ones interests. Origami Owl necklaces aren’t like any other locket, though. They are 100% customizable and everything from the size to the colors to the chain to the charms have different options so that you come out with a completely unique necklace that you love.

For me though, the charms are the most exciting part! The array of charms that you can put into your necklace  is endless and chances are if you have a passion or interest, there’s a charm for that: sports, gemstones, states, dates, ages, activities, you name it. Everything.

I had no problem finding charms that fit perfectly to me and my necklace is a fantastic representation of who I am: I have the ‘M’ for Morgan, my birthstone, a ‘blog’ charm of course, and an airplane charm. There were so many options it was hard to decide – but I am in love with my necklace!

Here are just a few of the many charms she has to choose from!
Here are just a few of the many charms Carrie has to choose from!

Beyond the charms, Origami Owl allows you to choose from two different size lockets, different lengths of chain, and a ton of different faces (mine is the light pink!) The necklaces are so incredibly customizable that there is something for everyone! If you aren’t a necklace person, there are even wrap bracelets that incorporate the locket, so you can still have your visual story!


Picking out charms took me longer than I care to admit. It is really cool to have the visual representation of my personality and passions and it’s even cooler that the necklace is completely customizable. As I grow up and my passions shift and change I can get new charms that will better represent me. I will never outgrow my necklace, because my necklace will grow with me.

Origami Owl has expanded beyond just the lockets, and they have a line called Core with beautiful pieces that like the lockets, are completley customizable. There are pendants, plates, and tags that you can mismatch with each other on different necklace chains and bangles. Now I can keep gushing on about the store, but I think I’ll give you this chance now to go have a look for yourself.

If you are as crazy as I am about these necklaces check out Carrie’s shop here, and go like her on Facebook! If you want an extra incentive to do so – Carrie and I are collaborating on a little giveaway! If you’re interested in owning your very own necklace, Carrie wants to help you get started creating your story with an Origami Owl medium twist locket, like mine!

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