One Lovely Blog.

The ever lovely Megan of Adventures of Noble and Pond nominated me to complete the one lovely blog award, which I am so excited to do! Thank you very much Megan, you’re the best!


Here are the rules to accept:
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  • You must add seven facts about yourself.
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Seven Facts About Me.

  1. I am an outgoing introvert. What this means is that I have no problems being around people, holding conversations, or even being the center of attention – to an extent.  This can only go on for so long and then I get mentally exhausted, I literally am not able to focus after a few hours of intense group interaction. I’ve been known to nap during group hangouts in my basement. My energy definitely comes from time spent alone or with my boyfriend, but after withdrawing for an hour or so I am good to go again.
  2. I want to travel the world. And if I die before going to every state in the United States, I will be severely disappointed. I am also hoping to study abroad over the summer in New Zealand, which is number one on my travel bucket list!
  3. I have never been one to believe personality tests, but this summer I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and found I was INFP, or the healer, and reading the description, I don’t think anything has ever been more accurate. I highly recommend taking the test, and if you know what you are, let me know! I find it so interesting!
  4. Just recently I’ve gotten to the point where I consider myself conversational in American Sign Language. I definitely am not fluent, but give me a moment to think and I can get my point across clearly, and as long as my partner signs slowly I can understand what they are saying. Since picking up sign language I find myself unintentionally signing while I speak and rather than repeating myself I sign at whoever I am talking to, forgetting that they don’t know what it means.
  5. I have small birthmark on my right hip shaped like an upside down heart, and I really love it. It’s not really noticeable at all unless I’m tan, so you can only see it in the summer!
  6. This summer I got my tonsils out and to date it is the most horrifyingly painful experience of my life. I literally thought I was going to die about 10 times every single day for a week. But the drugs they had me on afterwards gave me lucid dreams, which was really cool!
  7. I dream of living in a big farmhouse with a whole bunch of land and hills. I would love to have a cow, a goat, a sheep, and a wallaby in addition to the more traditional pets like a cat and a dog.

I nominate…

My newest bloggy friend, Dani, of Dani Dearest! She is a college blogger, too! She is still very new to blogging, so I hope all of you go check her out and give her a warm welcome into the wonderful blogging community!