Get Ready With Me: Night Out + Getting Ready Hacks

I like to think of myself as low-maintenance. Minimal makeup, sensible shoes, and air dried hair are sort of my jam.

Sure, it’s easy to look at my favorite fashion bloggers with perfectly blown out hair, beautiful makeup, and edgy street style and want to replicate their look on the daily; but let’s be honest: I work from home and my idea of an adventurous night consists staying out later than 9:30.

As much as I’d love to fit the picture perfect, #iwokeuplikethis mold everyday, I don’t have the time or dedication. But with that said, if I’m going out I still want to look nice without sacrificing my time or comfort and I’ve gotten pretty darn good at the five-minute makeup routine and outfits so comfy I can sleep in them and I thought I would share my process with you.

The makeup

The best tip I’ve ever been given in my entire life (exaggeration? Maybe.) is that if you have a bold lip the rest of your makeup doesn’t matter.

A bold lip makes such a statement that a quick swipe of mascara can finish off the entire look and you’ll still look put together.


No joke, when I go for a bold lip my entire makeup routine takes about ninety seconds: under eye concealer, lipstick, mascara, done.

Pretty, polished, and can be done during the commercial break.

The outfit

Like the bold lipstick trick, I’ve got a fashion hack that will help step up your fanciness game without you having to try (or battle uncomfy fashion statements.)


Here’s the tip: wear black.

No, really. That’s it.

Black is so sleek and classy it automatically dresses up any piece no matter how casual. Black T-shirt? throw on a statement necklace and BAM! you’re fancy. Black tank top? Pair it with dark rinse jeans and you’re date night ready.


My outfit is so comfy from the inside out. I value comfort in a big way so I tend to put that above all else. For me comfort = confidence. There is nothing that makes me feel more awkward than constantly having to pull at the underwire of my bra or do the wedgie wiggle to fix my undies.

I have been wearing the Hanes Ultimate Comfy Support ComfortFlex Fit® Wirefree Bra religiously because it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. And I don’t say that lightly. It has ComfortBlend® lining on the cups and wings for a soft, cottony feel and you honestly forget y0u’re even wearing a bra – something that’s near impossible with your classic underwire.

Hanes also has ridiculously comfy undies, my favorite are the Cool Comfort® Cotton Hipster Panties because they are low rise (no peeking out of my favorite jeans!), and the tag free design means there is never an annoying itch.

The details

More than anything it is the little details in your outfit that will help you look put together. Personally I love layering necklaces and rings to take any outfit to the next level


My Hanes Bra comes to play again, peeking out from my tanktop. The mesh trim is stylish and cute – so when the bra plays peek-a-boo it looks stylish rather than sloppy.

Throw it all together and you’re ready to go!

Like I said, I love looking pictures of perfectly primped bloggers who look like actual, real live fairytales. And once every blue moon I like to follow in their lead and dress to the nines, too. But for the day-to-day I feel more confident when I’m comfortable.

This is something that Hanes has penned to “comfydence” When I’m comfortable all I have to worry about is putting my best foot forward, and I love that Hanes has been helping me do that.

Do you have any time saving hacks for the laid back girl? I want to know! And join Hanes in their mission to help girl #BeComfydent!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.