Announcement: I am doing NaBloPoMo!

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls! Gather around because I have a very terrifying exciting announcement to make!

I took the plunge, I bit the bullet, and I did something that I know I will absolutely regret remember as being a great decision. I am very eager to see if I am up for my newest challenge: I held my breath and signed up for NaBloPoMo. Help me!

“But Morgan, what is that?”

Well, kiddos, let me tell you! NaBloPoMo is national blog post month and it is hosted by BlogHer every month, but November is extra special because that is the ‘official’ NaBloPoMo and I will be posting every single day in November and I am incredibly terrified excited! Help me!

What does this mean for me? Well I will definitely have higher levels of anxiety productivity this month, not to mention that sleep stress will be a thing of the past! With my new editorial calendar and preplanned posts for every single day this month I have nothing to worry about! I am also planning on writing a few posts ahead of time (I’m writing this on October 30th!) so that I never have to rush through a post. I absolutely do not want to compromise quality for quantity.

I have exciting posts planned, and here is just a preview of what you’ll be seeing from Mostly Morgan in the month of November:

  • The collegiates guide to networking
  • Homemade toffee recipe
  • Holiday gift guides
  • A (very late!) dorm room tour
  • Finals study tips
  • And so much more!

I am hoping some of you will join me in NaBloPoMo, and if you do comment or shoot me an email! I am already so nervous excited for this upcoming month and I would love to find a support system! Not to mention we can be each other’s biggest fans and create a great network!